schuh x Vintage Threads Transform Pre-Loved Footwear With Reworked Collection

Footwear retailer schuh and London-based vintage and reworked clothing brand Vintage Threads have joined forces to launch a new Reworked collection, releasing 57 one-of-one pieces.

Vintage Threads' in-house Rework design expertly deconstructs pre-loved footwear, recreating them into one-of-a-kind outerwear, accessories and homeware. Your favorite New Balances are reinvented as a micro purse or motocross-inspired jacket, illustrating the endless possibilities circular fashion has to offer. Vintage Threads has long been a leader in the sustainable fashion game as its unique reworked collections have been worn by the likes of Emma Chamberlain and Ariana Grande. The creative collaboration extends the life cycle of name brand sneakers, which were donated to schuh’s Sell Your Soles take-back initiative.

"This partnership with Vintage Threads underscores our ongoing commitment to social responsibility. As we expand our responsible product offering, we are continuing to meet the demands of our conscious consumers, while helping them to make more sustainable fashion choices - and through charitable donations to World Land Trust, we're not only funding the future but actively protecting it," Stephanie Legg, schuch's Chief Marketing Officer shares in an exclusive press release. All profits from each purchase will be donated to World Land Trust, further demonstrating schuh's commitment to creating a positive impact on the environment.

With prices ranging from £110 (approximately £360 GBP), the schuh x VT Reworked collection will be exclusively available at schuh's flagship Oxford Circus store from April 15.

Take a look at the one-of-one pieces in the gallery above.