Scottish Football - McCoist blasts Rangers' 'ignorant, misguided' critics

Ally McCoist believes some of the criticism of Rangers this season has come from the "ignorant" and "misguided" including some who used to wear the blue jersey.

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Scottish Football - McCoist blasts Rangers' 'ignorant, misguided' critics

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Ally McCoist has hit out at Rangers' critics

The Ibrox club re-emerged as an Irn-Bru Third Division club last summer following administration then liquidation and are on course to win the title. However, despite being an SPL club in everything but name, performances have been patchy and the Gers manager and his players came under fire after last week's 2-1 home defeat to Annan Athletic.

McCoist said: "It's very easy to have an opinion without full knowledge of what's going on and that's the beauty of football. Everybody has differing opinions, that's why it is easier for me to take criticism because I am very well aware of the difficulties everybody is facing at the club."

He added: "There have been comments from one or two ex-Rangers players who indeed, have coached and managed at a level, which are pretty ignorant because they don't know the full story and they are a little bit misguided. They are entitled to their opinion, of course they are, everyone is entitled to their opinion but we in here certainly don't take them too seriously.

"Disappointed? Yes, I am probably disappointed (about the comments) but it certainly doesn't make me alter my focus or change any opinion of where we want to be and how difficult it is going to be to get there because that's my job and I firmly believe I will get us back to the top.

"I speak to people who I think the vast majority of the footballing public would listen to, I'm certainly not embarrassed to tell you that. People who know the game inside out. It is not fair (to name them) but certainly people the vast majority of the footballing world would listen to because I have to move forward and take advice.

"I have to make up my own mind, which I will do, and there will be some big decisions coming up which I certainly won't shirk away from but it is an incredible journey and nobody said it wouldn't be a bumpy ride."

The former Rangers striker acknowledged the criticism midfielder Kyle Hutton received from some supporters following the Annan defeat after tweeting that he was going home to watch television after training.

"That's life," he said. "Again it's differing opinions. We have a fitness department and we work our boys really, really hard. I have been on both sides of the fence, I can understand people saying they should be doing this and doing that.

"Particularly at this stage of the season, it is, hopefully, getting a team that is right physically and mentally for the 90 minutes. That's what we think we are doing, that's what we believe we are doing and that is what we will continue to do."

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