Scottish League Restructure Agreed In Principal

Sky News

An agreement has been reached in principal between clubs in Scotland to form a new league structure.

Both Scottish league bodies have agreed in principle to a restructuring plan that would see the organisations merge in a 12-12-18 structure.

A meeting was held today (Tuesday) among representatives of the Scottish Premier League, the Scottish Football League and the Scottish Football Association.

Clubs still have to vote on the proposals but SFA chief executive Stewart Regan was confident of enough support: "We have had a very productive meeting of the Scottish FA's professional game board at which we had board representatives from around a third of the 42 senior clubs in Scotland.

"I'm delighted to say that we have agreed a set of principles to restructure Scottish football. That will include a single league body, subject to club consultation."


SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster added: "What's important is that we focus on what is wanted by the game, which is a single league for the benefit of all 42 clubs.

"A structure that benefits, particularly clubs in the second tier, so that the financial problems faced by clubs being relegated are alleviated; that we ensure a pyramid for the whole game; that we ensure proper governance structure.

"All of these things are the fundamental building blocks that we will work towards. The detail we will have to work through but that's for another day."

A written plan will now be submitted to clubs by the end of January, which would see the two top divisions split into three groups of eight after 22 games.

The top 12 clubs broke away in 1998 but a single body now appears inevitable.

The SPL needs an 11-1 majority to push through the plans but already had a unanimous agreement in principle on the plans.

The SFL, which had previously backed a 16-10-16 plan, needs a minimum 75 per cent agreement.

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