Seagull nest 'destruction' being investigated by police

A seagull nest has been destroyed. <i>(Image: Canva)</i>
A seagull nest has been destroyed. (Image: Canva)

Two months after a bird's nest was destroyed on the Isle of Wight, police are continuing to investigate whether or not it was a deliberate act.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary said it first received information about the seagull's nest in July.

The alleged destruction is believed to have occurred on Palmerston Road in Shanklin, on the morning of July 4.

The force said enquiries are ongoing to establish the wider circumstances and if an offence has occurred.

A spokesperson said: "We’d encourage people to be aware of the law around disturbance to nesting birds, whether intentional or reckless.

"It is illegal to damage or destroy any bird's nest while it is being built or in use under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

"You can read more about the law surrounding the protection of wild birds on the RSPB website."

One of the force's Country Watch officers visited the Island yesterday (Thursday) as part of ongoing enquiries.