Sean Hannity Lists 'Lies' About Republicans To Woo Taylor Swift To GOP — It Backfires

Sean Hannity on Tuesday tried to lure Taylor Swift to the Republican side by listing what he said were “lies” about the GOP. But it didn’t go well at all. (Watch the video below.)

The Fox News host piled on to rightwing hysteria over the Biden campaign reportedly wanting the pop idol’s endorsement, and that has included wildconspiracy theories.

But Hannity made a misguided effort to make her think twice about aligning with Team Biden, which she did in 2020.

“Maybe she just bought into all the lies about conservatives and Republicans that they’re racist and sexist and homophobic and xenophobic and transphobic and Islamophobic,” Hannity said. “And Republicans and conservatives want dirty air and water and a total ban on all abortions with no exceptions. If she believes all that, she is believing a lie.”

X users pounced on him.

“If Taylor Swift believes all that, she’s paying attention,” one commenter wrote.

“Add in misogyny and you have the entire Republican platform!” another sniped.

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