Sean Strickland is here to 'fix' Bud Light

Bud Light is back as the 'official beer of the UFC,' and middleweight champion Sean Strickland is here to 'fix' the beer company. Last week, Bud Light and the UFC inked a multi-year deal reportedly worth $100 million.

"@budlight I'm really proud of you guys... I'm going to fix you guys.. Don't worry I got this!!! I'm here to save the day," Strickland wrote on Instagram, accompanied with a video.

Strickland references the Anheuser-Busch rollout of Pride-themed cans during Pride Month 2022 featuring rainbow colors and pronouns. The move sparked immediate backlash from conservative outlets and social media personalities.

Bud Light caved to the pressure and lost support of the LGBT community and conservatives. The marketing campaign, along with hiring transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, and the reaction of the company to the backlash, cost Anheuser-Busch big in sales.

"Hey guys, I'm on my way to training and I just found out Bud Light is a new sponsor (of the UFC), and God damn I applaud you guys," Strickland said in the video. "I'm so f**king proud of you guys for doing the right things after that f**k up."

"You know how I feel about transgenders. I go f**king hard. Just what I do. I'm the biggest advocate of biological females. If I said my views on transgenders I would get kicked off Instagram," continued Strickland.

"I can not f**king wait to pick up a big ol' Bud Light can and fix you Bud Light because you guys are doing the right f**king thing. I, Sean Strickland, a representation of the American people, am going to fix you Bud Light. Thank you for giving me money. Thank you for supporting my platform. I'm going to help you guys."

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As far as supporting biological females, Strickland's comments during the UFC Vegas 76 Media Day in June do not reflect that.

“We need to go back to taking women out of the workforce, and maybe that’s where we f****d up," he said. "We let women vote, no offense. Think about America prior to women voting. They tried to ban alcohol, I don’t even drink but I’m not trying to ban alcohol. So, what you did, man, you let these women come into the workforce, now we make less money, you got kids raising themselves on TikTok, we need to go back to like 1942, maybe 1958 after we f****d up the Germans. We need to put women back in the kitchen, only one man needs to be working, so as a collective man group we need to elect someone that’s gonna put women back in the kitchen, one man working, raise the wages, and build a f*****g wall.”