The Secret Trick Bakers Use To Make Buttercream Perfectly White

how to get buttercream white
This Tip Makes Your Buttercream Perfectly Whitegetty

Whether you're an accomplished baker making three-tier chiffon cakes or a beginner making a classic Carrot Cake, you're probably going to need to know how to make buttercream.

It's an essential baking skill, and something that really can make or break a great cake. Although it's pretty easy to achieve, there are loads of pro tips that make can buttercream icing even more delicious to taste and beautiful to look at.

There's making sure the butter's at the right temperature, using the right tools, beating for long enough, and, of course, getting the right colour.

Too often buttercream can come out a little yellowish in tone, and if you're making a beautiful white cake, then it can be frustrating when the whole thing looks a little... off.

However, we've discovered a super easy hack to getting lovely white buttercream every single time.

London Cake company Baked by Steph posted the tip on Instagram last week, and people can't get enough! While a dreamy-looking buttercream mix churns in a stand mixer, Steph adds a few tiny drops of purple food colouring to the mixture, turning it from yellow to lovely bright white.

How easy is that?

The post has almost 200K likes and loads of comments hyping up the method, saying it's all about colour theory and that they can't believe more people aren't doing it.

One noted that the tip works a bit like toner for blonde hair, which is purple and helps dull down any yellowy or brassy notes in dyed blonde tresses.

Will you be giving the tip a try for your next bake?