See Stone Cold Steve Austin Try A Cold Plunge, And Say So Many Curse Words In The Process

 Stone Cold Steve Austin in the WWE.
Stone Cold Steve Austin in the WWE.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is no stranger to staying healthy, and when you get as shredded as him from working out in the gym, recovery periods can be rough. Perhaps that's why The Texas Rattlesnake checked out the benefits of a cold plunge, even if it resulted in him blasting out just about every curse word in the book during his first shot.

As wrestling fans prep for upcoming WWE events, including the fast-approaching WrestleMania 40, Steve Austin has been hanging out in his garage and testing the benefits of stone-cold plunges. Unfortunately, the Hall of Fame wrestler realized that sitting in a frigid tub can be much more painful than a Figure Four Leg Lock, and he tapped out of his first attempt at three minutes. He also swore up an unholy storm,  and was humble enough to show the failed experiment to all his followers on Instagram:

Stone Cold Steve Austin famously refused to tap out to Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13, choosing to go unconscious rather than give an opponent the satisfaction of making him submit during such a big match. Thank goodness Austin didn't show that same stubbornness during his cold plunge, as prolonged cold exposure past a person's limits can result in some hazardous consequences. All we saw here, however, was a bunch of swearing by Austin, who didn't look too eager to dive back in.

The Story Behind WWE Superstar Steve Austin's Iconic Austin 3:16

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Michael P.S. Hayes at King of the Ring 1996
Stone Cold Steve Austin and Michael P.S. Hayes at King of the Ring 1996

Here's the famous story behind it. 

So, why exactly is Steve Austin putting himself through such seeming torture? As mentioned, the WWE legend has always been big into working out, and he was interested to try out this unique recovery method. Whether or not it has any correlation to the world of pro wrestling is anyone's guess. It is worth mentioning that there are rumors of CM Punk and Stone Cold having a match at WrestleMania 40, though I personally take any of that chatter with a grain of salt.

While that first try was a failure, Stone Cold Steve Austin wasn't about to give up. The wrestler decided to it another on-camera go just ten minutes after the first attempt, and this time, he went beyond his own three-minute goal. That second go-around can be found below, but the swearing coming out of his mouth is around the same level as the first video, so be warned!

It's good to see Steve Austin give it another go and complete it, though I still have questions about whether or not he'll continue to utilize the icy plunges going forward. If he does and is able to master the recovery technique, imagine the marketing opportunities!

I'm not sure if I'll ever purchase a cold plunge for my home, but if I was, I would go for the one endorsed by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. It wouldn't make the experience any easier to bear, but at least I'd feel as tough as the former WWE champion or Hugh Jackman after a Wolverine workout every time I nearly froze to death.

Check out some of Steve Austin's greatest moments in the WWE with a Peacock Premium subscription. There may even be a few moments on there more painful than a cold plunge, though based on what I saw in the above videos, I'd say that's a tall order.