Wimbledon 2022 LIVE: Serena Williams vs Harmony Tan result and updates from major upset on Centre Court today

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Wimbledon 2022 LIVE: Serena Williams vs Harmony Tan result and updates from major upset on Centre Court today
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Williams vs Tan - LIVE!

The Centre Court action concluded at Wimbledon on day two as Serena Williams made her return against Harmony Tan. It was the American’s first singles match since the first round at Wimbledon 12 months ago, when she managed six games before having to withdraw against Aliaksandra Sasnovich. Injury had kept her away from court until she played doubles at Eastbourne with Ons Jabeur.

The shock win was Tan’s first ever main-draw match at Wimbledon, with the 24-year-old playing in stunning style with there few signs of rust from Williams.

The 40-year-old has 23 Grand Slam titles to her name, one short of Margaret Court’s record. Four times Williams has had the chance to draw level, four times she has been beaten in finals in straight sets. Follow live coverage of the match with Matt Verri at Wimbledon, with all the reaction from Williams’ defeat coming up.

Williams vs Tan latest news

  • Tan claims stunning win

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23:10 , Marc Mayo

It’s been a late one on day two of Wimbledon but we will be back for more live action with Novak Djokovic, Emma Raducanu and Andy Murray on Centre Court tomorrow.

Until then, recap Serena Williams’ shock exit on her SW19 comeback with Matt’s report.

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23:00 , Marc Mayo

22:54 , Marc Mayo

22:46 , Marc Mayo

Harmony Tan reacts to that stunning win

22:38 , Marc Mayo

“I don’t know, I’m so emotional. I don’t know what to say. She’s a superstar, when I was young I watched her so many times. For my first Wimbledon... just wow.

“I’m really surprised today! After the draw I was really scared - because it’s Serena Williams. She’s a legend, I was a like ‘Oh my God how can I play?’ If I can win one or two games it would have been really good for me.”

Just incredible!

22:37 , Matt Verri


22:35 , Matt Verri


It’s an absolute epic on Centre Court!


22:34 , Matt Verri

9-7 Tan - now it really is match point! Two of them too.

22:32 , Matt Verri

Horrible drop shot from Williams, she knew as soon as she hit it. 7-6.

First to 10 in the tie-break - we’ve forgetten amidst all the drama! 8-6 Tan as she fires a winner.

Make that 8-7 Tan. Williams still alive.

22:31 , Matt Verri

OUT! It’s long from Williams - 6-6!

Nothing to split them at the second changeover.

22:30 , Matt Verri

Unforced errors are flooding in now from Williams. Another one puts her 5-4 down. Two serves to come from the American - needs to deliver.

This is just absolutely insane. A flick of the Williams wrist, the drop shot just has enough on it and spins away from Tan. 5-5.


22:28 , Matt Verri

Tan has got it back on serve! Three points in a row and she now only trails 4-3.

Make that four points in a row. Williams pulls the backhand just wide and it’s level in the tie-break. 4-4.

22:26 , Matt Verri

Tan sends the backhand long - 4-0 Williams and she’s closing on on victory!

SHOT! Nothing to lose now for Tan and she fires a winner down the line. 4-1 Williams though.

One of the mini-breaks back for Tan! Brings Williams forward and then lob then has just about enough on it. 4-2 Williams at the changeover.

22:24 , Matt Verri

Mini-break for Williams at the start of the tie-break. Now two serves to try and take real control of it.

Williams roar rings out around SW19 as the swinging volley delivers again. 2-0. Perfect serve out wide, Tan can’t get it back. 3-0 Williams.

Williams 5-7 6-1 6-6 Tan

22:21 , Matt Verri

Incredibly tired slice from Tan, bounces about three times before rolling to the net. Williams one point away from holding.

SHE’S DONE IT! Serve finds the line, sets up the point and Tan can’t land the lob.



22:20 , Matt Verri

Nothing disastrous about that. Williams drags herself to the net and puts away the swinging volley with full confidence.



22:18 , Matt Verri

Williams shot flicks off the net, lands on the line. Tan gets it back, and it’s a disastrous volley from Williams.

Match point Tan!

22:17 , Matt Verri

Williams trying to will her way to the finish line, backhand sent miles long though. Forehand then slapped halfway up the net. 15-30 and Tan is two points away.

Backhand winner from Williams. No energy left for a celebration, straight back to gasping for air. 30-30.

Williams 5-7 6-1 *5-6 Tan

22:13 , Matt Verri

Tan holds!

Drop shot and then finds the backhand pass! She’s done her job.

Over to Williams to serve to stay in the match.

22:12 , Matt Verri

Not a convincing volley from Williams, more frame than anything else but it dribbles over. 15-15.

Tan goes for the drop shot - probably a good option as not sure either of them are capable of running much down now. Not a great option if you hit it out though. 15-30. Williams pulls the forehand, 30-30.

Wild backhand now from Williams, met with a grimace up to her box. Second serve from Tan has nothing on it at all, floats over and Williams eats it up. Deuce.

Williams 5-7 6-1 5-5* Tan

22:08 , Matt Verri

Backhand into the net from Williams, she bends over and it takes a mighty effort to pull herself back up. Break point Tan!

TAN BREAKS BACK! Williams ambles forward to the net, Tan hammers the pass crosscourt.


22:06 , Matt Verri

Tan nets the forehand, Williams shocked an earlier shot wasn’t called out. Doesn’t matter now though, 30-15.

64mph second serve - safe to say the American is running on empty. Tan happy to see that and she’s piling the pressure on. 30-30.

22:04 , Matt Verri

Here we go. Williams, who was close to exhaustion about an hour again, serving for the match.

Backhand into the net is not the start she was looking for. 0-15. Tan is in a generous mood and returns the favour. 15-15.

Williams 5-7 6-1 *5-4 Tan

22:02 , Matt Verri

All the pressure back on the Tan serve, especially when Williams strides forward to put away the swinging volley with aplomb.

Stunning from Tan! Backhand down the line, Williams shakes her head in disbelief. Wide this time though, 15-30.

SENSATIONAL! Williams on her knees pumping the fists, Center Court on their feet again. An incredible drop shot and the American has two break points.

Backhand there to be hit... long. 30-40. One more chance to come for Williams.

WILLIAMS BREAKS! She’s almost in tears! Tan nets the volley and Williams will serve for it.

Williams 5-7 6-1 4-4* Tan

21:57 , Matt Verri

If Williams gets broken now, Tan will be serving for the match. Doubt the American needs to be told that.

Brilliant depth on the groundstrokes from Tan, pushes Williams so far back and she can’t stay in the rally. 15-15. And now a tired backhand from the American into the net, 15-30. Really important point coming up.

Huge response from Williams, yells out as the first-serve return sails long. Needed that. 30-30. Another punishing rally, Tan sends the backhand long. Williams’ box up again.

Backhand long again - Williams holds! Absolutely massive.

Williams 5-7 6-1 *3-4 Tan

21:52 , Matt Verri

Just as Tan was eyeing up a comfortable hold at 30-0, Williams drops a crosscourt forehand right at her feet. Nobody’s returning that.

Tan brings Williams forward with the drop shot and then has a simple follow-up into the empty court. 40-15.

Double fault - no surprise if some nerves start to be on show. Another ridiculous rally, Williams goes for the crosscourt pass. Into the net.

Tan edges ahead in the set.

Williams 5-7 6-1 3-3* Tan

21:48 , Matt Verri

Williams looks down at the court in disgust as an unforced error flies off her racket. 0-30 and this could potentially be Tan’s last chance.

Three break points! Got to happen for Tan.

One down for Williams, just about does enough with the volley. 15-40 - two to go.

TAN TAKES THE SECOND! She looks up at her box a bit stunned - we’re back on serve again.

Williams 5-7 6-1 *3-2 Tan

21:43 , Matt Verri

Tan starts to move towards the net but she’s barely moved both feet forward before a backhand comes flying past here. Williams has gone up another level the last couple of games.

That would have been another clean winner, but a net cord sends the ball flying out.

Tan came under real pressure there but she’s kept herself in touch.

Williams 5-7 6-1 3-1* Tan

21:40 , Matt Verri

What an angle! Williams has flicked a backhand over the net, somehow drops in and Tan doesn’t move. Hand up in celebration from the American - she knows how good that was.

Less subtle with a big forehand to follow it up, 40-15.

The style has been well and truly turned on! Backhand pass is absolutely perfect and Williams consolidates the break.

Williams 5-7 6-1 *2-1 Tan

21:35 , Matt Verri

It’s going to be Williams with the first chance to pile on the pressure in the decider. Twice Tan goes for a winner down the line - twice she misses. 0-30 and she starts moaning to her box. Not sure it’s their fault.

Williams thinks a slice from Tan has landed out, called in and the American loses the point. No challenge either. Crucial moment in the game.

Double fault from Tan! Second of the match, what a time to chuck that in. Break point Williams. American shovels a backhand well beyond the baseline, deuce.

Backhand, backhand, smash. Combination punches from Williams, earns her another break point. WHICH SHE TAKES! Tan blinks first in the rally and it’s Williams who lands the first blow in the decider.

Williams 5-7 6-1 1-1* Tan

21:30 , Matt Verri

No holding back from Williams with the overhead - 105mph in fact as she throws everything a it. 30-15.

Drop shot from the American again doesn’t come off, barely makes the net. Stick with the power!

Speaking of... huge first serve and Tan can only block it straight down. 40-30. Tan forced back in the rally and eventually the pressure tells.

Level in the third.

Williams 5-7 6-1 *0-1 Tan

21:27 , Matt Verri

Second serve sits up to be eaten up and Williams needs no second invitation. Won’t be laying a glove on that one though, ace from Tan clips the line. 30-15.

Williams should do more with that return but nets it, and then drags a backhand wide. Opening hold for Tan.

21:23 , Matt Verri

What’s in store for us now?

Had everything so far in the match. First singles match in a year for Williams - incredibly fitness levels she’s having to show.

Crazy match!

21:20 , Matt Verri

Williams 5-7 6-1 Tan

21:18 , Matt Verri

Slice from Tan isn’t there this time, low into the net. 30-15 and Williams is two points away from levelling this match up.

Tan goes big on the second-serve return - Tan goes huge! Williams can barely get a racket on it, 30-30.

Set point Williams - SHE WINS THE SECOND SET! Big serve out wide doesn’t come back. There’s no response at all from the American who just walks to her chair.

Williams 5-7 5-1* Tan

21:14 , Matt Verri

That’s a brilliant slice from Tan, stays so low and Williams can barely get it off the grass in response.

Williams leads 5-0 in this set - has a scoreline ever been so misleading?

Tan seals the hold and gets on the board in the set. Much-deserved too, a bagel would have been so harsh.

Williams 5-7 5-0* Tan

21:10 , Matt Verri

Second serve from Williams is too good for Tan to return, 30-15.

Tan searches for the backhand winner down the line, flies long though and Williams then wraps up an easy hold with an ace.

Williams 5-7 *4-0 Tan

21:07 , Matt Verri

SHOT! Backhand return from Williams is sublime and she has two break points. Chances to move a double break up.

And she does just that! Tame slice into the net from Tan and Williams is in complete control of the set now.

Williams 5-7 3-0* Tan

21:02 , Matt Verri

Something a bit more routine to come now, you’d imagine.

Tan wants a break back and a quick one at that - 15-40 and she has two break points! What is going on?!

Overhead smash from Williams is good, there’s one saved. And a second saved, lovely touch! Deuce - surely not again...

Drop shot attempt from the American, might be the worst one she’s ever hit. Bounced six times before it even made it halfway to the net. Resorts to power to get her out of trouble: big serve, big volley. Deuce.

ALMOST! Williams spins, has two shots fired straight at her and then sends a third volley just out. Break point Tan. Serve. Volley. Deuce.

Williams holds! It’s taken about five years but she’s 3-0 up in the second set.

Williams 5-7 *2-0 Tan

20:54 , Matt Verri

Williams backhand winner sets up another break point chance, Tan has the response once more. 11th deuce.

Hands on head from the American, she makes a mess of the forehand. Tan thinks she’s won the game, ball wasn’t called out though. Challenge... Tan’s wrong! Comfortably in. Back we go.

Another chance for Williams, a seventh break point. This time the swinging volley is good. Game has lasted almost 20 minutes.

AND WILLIAMS BREAKS! Everybody’s aged about ten years but the American is a break up in the second set.

20:50 , Matt Verri

Williams booms a forehand crosscourt, the slice from Tan doesn’t get close to making it over the net. Guess what? Deuce. This is going to be absolutely massive for whoever wins the game.

The American admires a forehand down the line, quickly realises she should be moving into the net and does so well - swinging volley put away.

Tan slice drops perfectly on the line, Williams then can’t get the volley back in play. Tan one point away from a serious hold.

Not yet though! Tan with the unforced error. Deuce for an eighth time. What a time for an ace from Tan, but it’s followed by a Williams winner. This is extraordinary.

Fifth break point for Williams. Can she finally get this game done? NO. We’re up to double figures for deuces. Crazy.

20:43 , Matt Verri

Lovely from Williams, moves forward and whips the forehand past Tan.

And now she has a break point! Very questionable decision to go for the drop shot from Tan, doesn’t pull it off anyway and Williams is there to pounce. Back to the drop shot... this time it’s excellent. Deuce.

Williams will get another go though - sends the forehand long. Chance goes begging again.

SHOT! Williams chases down the drop shot, just flicks it nonchalantly back over the net with so much disguise. Break point coming up.

It’s not happening for the American! Tan hanging on for dear life and doing a brilliant job of keeping her opponent at bay.

Deuce. Number. Five.

Williams 5-7 1-0* Tan

20:33 , Matt Verri

No change of tactics from Williams, still keen to come to the net at every opportunity. Nice volley put away.

Tan makes the American hit a couple more shots than she was expecting, but it’s a simple volley into the open court to seal a comfortable holds. Good settler at the start of the set.

20:31 , Matt Verri

Back at it under the lights. Williams to serve first in the second set.

Impressive display!

20:26 , Matt Verri

Roof closing on Centre Court, so play will be paused for about ten minutes or so.

Williams 5-7 Tan

20:22 , Matt Verri

The response from Williams is more aggression. Moves forward to the net and the swinging volley is really good. 0-30.

Big chance missed, it was there for the American to set up three break points. She got a short ball to attack, pulls the forehand though. That’s wayward too, Tan back to 30-30.

Too cute with the drop shot, Tan sends it into the net and Williams has a break point. Can’t take it, return is just long.

Williams with the unforced error, set point Tan. SEALED IN STYLE! Forehand pass crosscourt and Williams can’t get a racket on it.

American is going to have to do it the hard way.

Williams 5-6* Tan

20:15 , Matt Verri

Footwork of the player who hasn’t played a singles match for a year. Williams gets herself into a tangle and the forehand suffers as a result.

Another huge scream as she sets herself for the backhand and puts it away, but there’s then a dreadful attempt at a drop shot. 15-30. It’s the Williams serve now under pressure.

Especially now - two break points! Volley from Williams sits up for Tan, doesn’t do much with it but the American then hammers it long.

TAN BREAKS! Sen. Sational. Mammoth rally, ends with a huge crosscourt winner. Tan will serve for the set.

Williams *5-5 Tan

20:12 , Matt Verri

Searing forehand return from Williams, Tan barely has time to move. Less impressive from the American there - she does all the hard work to get to the drop shot but then flicks the ball out.

Slice is long from Tan, 40-30. Won’t want to be dragged to deuce, where Williams would be a couple of points away from the set.

No such worries! Sublime drop shot and that’s a hard-fought hold for Tan.

Williams 5-4* Tan

20:06 , Matt Verri

Williams must have spent about three quarters of this match at the net.

It’s a successful visit to this time, dispatching the backhand and unleashing a massive roar to go with it.

Slice from Tan is into the net, she will now have to serve to stay in the first set.

Williams *4-4 Tan

20:03 , Matt Verri

After the drama of the previous game, Tan has raced to 40-0 up with minimal fuss. A blistering return winner from Williams at the very least extends things.

That’s all it will be because that is absolutely sensational from Tan! Retrieves the overhead from Williams, on the stretch produces a wonderful backhand down the line. Williams applauds that.

Level again in the opening set.

Williams 4-3* Tan

19:58 , Matt Verri

Williams cannot get out of this game. Forward to the net, there to be put away but she gets it badly wrong. Break point for Tan. Again.

Unfortunate bounce, Williams off balance and she’s ballooned the forehand miles long. Back on serve in the first set!

19:57 , Matt Verri

Can Williams consolidate the break? 119mph ace would suggest so.

Another big first serve sets up the point - an inch away from an ace out wide sealing a pretty much flawless game. Instead it’s a double fault.

The American kicks out in frustration as she sends the forehand wide, deuce. She does the exact same thing a point later to gift Tan a break point. First serve gets Williams out of trouble again.

Outrageous from Tan! Launches a hopeful lob in the air, Williams can’t believe it as the ball drops perfectly on the line. American to the net and the volley is good. Deuce again.

Third break point for Tan, Williams doesn’t do enough with the overhead and it comes back with interest. Sensational volley from Williams - crazy game! We’re back to deuce.

Williams *4-2 Tan

19:50 , Matt Verri

Drop shot from Tan, Williams gets it over but it’s already bounced twice. Maybe even three times, so good was the shot.

Serve and volley from Tan is read by Williams, who finishes off the point with a smash at the net. 15-30 and noticeably far more confident that in the opening moments.

Ignore that. Slice from the American closer to finding the royal box than the baseline. Forehand pass then lands just wide, before the backhand equivalent is absolutely perfect. Deuce.

Williams works Tan around the court and has another overhead to put away. Break point!

And she takes it! Forehand cross court, Tan can’t get the slice back in play and Williams is really motoring now.

Williams 3-2* Tan

19:42 , Matt Verri

Familiar sight for Williams fans. Big first serve out wide and that’s not coming back. Tan doesn’t even lay a racket on it the following point, ace. 40-0.

Tan sends a forehand into the net and that’s a routine hold for the American. Much more like it from Williams.

Williams *2-2 Tan

19:39 , Matt Verri

Tan looking up at the Centre Court crowd with distain, as some fans amble in when she’s waiting to serve. Not impressed, it’s fair to say.

Williams keen to try and shorten the points, regularly coming in to the net. Works this time, 0-15. American them dominates the rally, pushing Tan right back, but sends the forehand long.

Tan backhand drops on the line, Williams doesn’t think so though. Stops the point to challenge. It is in! Error from Williams Nothing wrong with that - chases down the drop shot and puts away the volley at the net. Deuce.

Massive return from Williams, clean winner. Even bigger roar of delight. Break point for the American. Charges to the net once more, volley is long this time.

Centre Crowd up on their feet, Williams down on her knee. Overhead put away at the net and it’s yet another break point.

THIS ONE COUNTS! Tan sends the forehand wide and we’re back on serve in the opening set.

Williams 1-2* Tan

19:26 , Matt Verri

Williams tested with the overhead. Needs two goes before Tan then sends the volley long.

Errors continue to come from the American’s racket though - 30-30 and under pressure again.

There’s the first big roar of the match from Williams, as she whips a lovely forehand winner. Attempted drop shot from Tan doesn’t come off and Williams is on the board.

Williams *0-2 Tan

19:24 , Matt Verri

At last, a free point for Williams. Being made to work hard for everything early on. Tan fires the forehand just wide, 30-15.

American looks for the backhand pass... almost. It’s out though, she bends down in frustration.

Tan slips on the baseline, awkwardly too. Allows Williams to stroll forward and put the volley away. Tan quickly back up, no damage done.

And she has a hold, second serve was so slow Williams played about four shots before it actually arrived.

Williams 0-1* Tan

19:20 , Matt Verri

Not the best of starts from Williams. In fact it’s as bad as it could be - swiftly 0-40 down on serve.

She saves the first break point but Tan gets the job done second time, as Williams charges to the net and can’t make the volley.

19:15 , Marc Mayo

This is the first meeting between Williams and French 24-year-old Tan.

The start is nearly upon us...

The girls are out on court!

19:11 , Marc Mayo

A big cheer as Tan and Williams emerge, the veteran American a picture of pure focus.

Rafa wins!

19:03 , Marc Mayo

Up next, Serena Williams...

Another Brit through the first round!

18:55 , Marc Mayo

Cerundolo fighting to take Nadal all the way

18:42 , Marc Mayo

Argentine outsider Francisco Cerundolo is really battling to take Rafael Nadal into a fifth set right now on Centre Court!

Follow all the action live.

Swiatek discusses Williams scrap

18:34 , Marc Mayo

Iga Swiatek has said she will not usurp either Serena or Venus Williams as the “legends” of the sport for some time.

She said: “Still when I see Serena or see Venus, they seem like, I don't know, the legends. I don't consider myself a legend. They seem like the ones, they're the greatest of all time in tennis. So not really.

“But it's amazing for me to have that kind of streak. It just shows how much work we've been putting for every match. I'm pretty happy that I could show consistency because it was always my goal.”

18:16 , Marc Mayo

Not such plane sailing for Nadal after all!

18:04 , Marc Mayo

A fourth, and potentially fifth, set on Centre Court delays Serena Williams’ return...

Today’s earlier action

17:56 , Marc Mayo

Nick Kyrgios warned the Briton he wanted to avoid in the men’s draw was Andy Murray but Murray’s fellow Brit Paul Jubb nearly proved Kyrgios’ undoing in a tight opening-round match.

Jubb was handed perhaps the toughest first round of all the home players in the men’s and women’s singles in being drawn against an in-form Kyrgios.

And the 22-year-old briefly hinted a big upset on day two of Wimbledon as he took the opening set during which Kyrgios had a tetchy exchange with a line judge.

Read the full story.

Already plenty of memorable moments from the opening week!

17:48 , Marc Mayo

The post that upped the hype for this year’s Wimbledon

17:39 , Marc Mayo

17:31 , Marc Mayo

Not long to wait!

17:22 , Marc Mayo

Williams will have Centre Court freed up rather soon, one feels...

Rafael Nadal is two sets to the good against Francisco Cerundolo, after taking the second 6-3.

Williams already assured of GOAT position, says Austin

17:08 , Marc Mayo

Two-time Grand Slam champion Tracy Austin believes Serena Williams’ credentials as the sport’s greatest-ever female player will not be defined by her final trophy tally.

“I would like nothing more than Serena to tie Margaret Court at 24 or even surpass her,” Austin told Insider.

“But I think even without those numbers, Serena's gonna be thought of as the best of all time."

“I feel like so often the press is talking about 24. Who cares? You are the best of all time. Don't worry about it whenever you want to retire.”

Evening Standard prediction

16:53 , Marc Mayo

Clearly, there are few in the game who can match Williams at her best. Still, the fact the 40-year-old has not played a competitive match in 12 months does make things interesting. As good as she can be, surely rust should be expected.

Tan might not boast much in the way of firepower, although has a number of shots to hurt her opponent with.

That said, it would be foolish to bet against Williams.

Williams to win in three sets.

How to watch

16:46 , Marc Mayo

TV channel: Coverage will be on BBC One and Two throughout the evening.

Live stream: TV licence fee-payers can stream the tennis action over the next two weeks via the BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport website and app.

Start time

16:37 , Marc Mayo

Williams vs Tan is the third match scheduled to take place on Centre Court after Rafael Nadal’s game against Francisco Cerundolo concludes.

The Spaniard is currently a set up in that match - which you can follow live here.

Good afternoon!

16:30 , Marc Mayo

Welcome to our coverage of Serena Williams vs Harmony Tan!

The American superstar, often dubbed the ‘GOAT’ of women’s tennis, has not played a competitive singles match since limping out of Wimbledon a year ago.

But she is back to deliver yet another intriguing subplot for this year’s championships.

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