Serge Ibaka gifts scarves to Raptors ahead of trip to Brooklyn

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Scarves have become an unofficial part of the Toronto Raptors' uniform in 2020. (Twitter/@Raptors)
Scarves have become an unofficial part of the Toronto Raptors' uniform in 2020. (Twitter/@Raptors)

It has become apparent that the Raptors take fashion almost as seriously as they do winning basketball games, with a team-wide payoff to Serge Ibaka and OG Anunoby’s viral row about scarves.

Ibaka and Anunoby debated the merits of each other’s clothing choices during a trip to Holt Renfrew, which went without incident for the most part.

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That was until Anunoby took credit for putting Ibaka - a standout at Paris Fashion Week - onto scarves, sending the 30-year-old into a fury rarely seen off the court.

Now, the entire team is getting in on the act, courtesy of Ibaka.

It’s a pretty good look for all involved, although some appear to be more enthused than others about Ibaka’s gift. Anunoby, Pascal Siakam, Pat McCaw and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson are rocking the scarves enthusiastically ahead of the trip to Brooklyn.

Ibaka partnered with Nobis as their new global ambassador, and these scarves don’t come cheap, retailing at $250.

Perhaps it’s just the angle, but Fred VanVleet seems nonplussed by the team photo.

It may not count the same as the Bucks’ wrestling performances before games, but it’s a definitely a hallmark of a team that is gelling and firing on all cylinders, as the Raptors carry a franchise-record 15-game winning streak with no end in sight.

“What about scarves?” has now entered the Canadian popular lexicon, and we’d all do well to take our fashion cues from Ibaka, even if Anunoby - and VanVleet - aren’t on board.

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