Serge Ibaka hosts DeMar DeRozan for episode of 'How hungry are you?'

Kyle CantlonNHL Editor
Yahoo Canada Sports

Nothing brings people together quite like food.

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Surely Toronto Raptors forward Serge Ibaka had this sentiment in mind when he created his Youtube cooking show, “How hungry are you?” In the program, Ibaka cooks meals for current and former teammates at his house while the players exchange stories and philosophies on basketball and life over dinner.

This week, Ibaka teased his next guest — one Toronto Raptors fans are very familiar with:

Raptor reunion (Photo: Instagram)
Raptor reunion (Photo: Instagram)

Obviously, a lot has happened to DeMar in the past month or so, and it will be interesting to see how the trade to San Antonio and DeRozan’s falling out with Raptors president MAsai Ujiri will be covered, if at all, in the episode.

In the first instalment of the show, Ibaka hosted a fellow player with deep Congolese roots, former Toronto big man Bizmack Biyombo.

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