Serie A - Brother of ex-Atalanta president shot

Atalanta are in shock after the brother of former president Ivan Ruggeri was assassinated in Bergamo.

Serie A - Brother of ex-Atalanta president shot

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Italian Carabinieri with bulletproof vests stand in front of the office of Equitalia in the northern Italian city of Bergamo May 3, 2012 (Reuters)

Gian Mario Ruggeri was shot several times by an assailant in the street early on Saturday as he was walking into a gym at Castelli Calepio, on the outskirts of Bergamo.

The 44-year-old was the half-brother of ex-Atalanta president Ivan Ruggeri, who died in April after five years in a coma following a brain haemorrhage.

Known as Jimmy, he had problems with the law in the past, placed under house arrest in 2000 amid an investigation into false accounting.

Alessandro Ruggeri – the son of Ivan and nephew of Gian Mario – was president of Atalanta from 2008 to 2010.

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