Serie A - Udinese star Di Natale postpones retirement

Antonio Di Natale has delayed his retirement by a year after saying he has been ‘reassured’ by Udinese president Giampaolo Pozzo.

Serie A - Udinese star Di Natale postpones retirement

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2013-2014 Serie A Udinese Di Natale

The 36-year-old had announced midway through last term that he was intending to hang up his boots this summer, only for the club to press that they would look to convince him otherwise.

On from his own hints that followed that he may reconsider, the No 10 has confirmed that he’ll be back on the pitch for the Zebrette in time for next season.

“I am bound to Udine and to Udinese for another year by contract,” Di Natale has told today’s edition of the Corriere della Sera.

“Last Thursday I went into president Pozzo’s office and we talked about what to do.

“Guidolin had decided to leave, I wanted to understand the project at Udinese, now without the coach.

“The president reassured me, now I am on vacation.”

Di Natale is a legend at Udinese, scoring more than 200 goals in his 10 seasons at the club.

He hit 17 in Serie A this season and has made double figures in the league for eight years in a row.

A former Italy international, he scored 11 goals in 42 appearances for the Azzurri.

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