Seth Meyers Skewers Republicans With Perfect Taylor Swift Lyric

Seth Meyers on Wednesday said conservatives’ meltdown over Taylor Swift is “easily their most deranged.”

“Allow me to quote a Taylor Swift lyric when I say, ‘You people are out of your fucking minds,’” joked the “Late Night” comedian who later clarified it wasn’t a Swift lyric but “Seth’s version.”

Republicans have “somehow spun themselves into an elaborate conspiracy theory where mysterious forces are manufacturing her fame in order to set up an endorsement of Joe Biden,” noted Meyers. “Because only a grand conspiracy would explain why she might prefer Joe Biden over a man who everyday behaves worse than any man in a Taylor Swift song, which is saying a lot,” he sarcastically added.

Meyers also ripped Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade for warning Swift to “stay out” of endorsing Biden, as she did in 2020.

“Now, let’s see. Whose instincts do we think are sharper?” Meyers asked. “The 12-time Grammy-winning artist who has sold over 200 million records, staged the highest-grossing concert series of all time, produced and distributed her own record-breaking concert movie, and was Time’s Person of the Year or the dingus whose main talent is staring blankly at the camera every morning like a sock with button eyes?”

Watch the video here: