Sex and the City fans all have the same complaint about the cast's 25th celebration post

sex and the city laughing
SATC fans aren't happy after this post on InstaHBO/ Sex and the City

The cast of Sex and the City celebrated 25 years on Tuesday (I know, we can't quite believe it either) and took to Instagram to share a 50-second video each commemorating the occasion. The video, though, was missing one person in particular. And let's just say fans aren't happy...

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis, each dressed in their And Just Like That costumes (the spin-off series to SATC) took a moment to acknowledge the milestone anniversary with a few words on their appreciation for the ongoing support from fans. But, rather than join in on celebrations, fans have been quick to comment on why Samantha Jones (aka Kim Cattrall) wasn't there.

One person said, "Feels incomplete without Samantha" while another commented, "That’s great, but you should of included Kim in this." Yep, it's safe to say that fans haven't responded to this as well as the cast might have hoped. Whoops...

If you're in need of a little reminder, SATC ran for six (sexy) seasons, won awards, made fashion statements, and brought together a community of like-minded, die-hard fans before getting a spin-off series, And Just Like That, which, just recently, announced its resurgence for another season. Yay to this!

Originally, Cattrall had said that she was done playing Ms. Jones, but recent news says otherwise. That's right, Samantha is back. And this time, she's getting her own little cameo in the final episode.

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