How to Have Sex lands near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes score ahead of release

mia mckenna bruce, how to have sex
How to Have Sex lands near-perfect RT scoreMubi

How to Have Sex has landed a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes rating ahead of its release later this week.

The critically acclaimed directorial debut from Molly Manning Walker follows three British teenage girls on a "rites-of-passage" holiday in Greece. Starring Persuasion's Mia McKenna-Bruce as Tara, Lara Peake as Skye and Enva Lewis as Em, the film sees the friends' fun holiday turn serious.

The first reviews for How to Have Sex have made their way to the review aggregator site after its premiere at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Un Certain Regard prize. Its score currently sits at a hugely impressive 95% (from 39 reviews) as of this writing.

mia mckenna bruce, how to have sex

Critics have praised the film for its captivating nature and haunting performances. Here's what some of them have to say:


"As enthralling as it is important, How to Have Sex neatly depicts the joy and pain of teenage girlhood."


"Manning Walker's film lays out the minefield of sexual education and consent for a post-#MeToo generation, with a precision to its ambiguities that will draw gasps from its characters' contemporaries and elders alike."

mia mckenna bruce, how to have sex

Financial Times

"It's all guided with a sure hand by first-time director Molly Manning Walker and anchored by a performance by Mia McKenna-Bruce that is as eye-catching as the film's title."

Daily Telegraph

"If this makes How to Have Sex sound like a teaching aid, it really isn't: Manning Walker cares for Tara far too much to turn her into an object lesson, and allows her compensatory moments of grace and delight."

The film also stars Ackley Bridge's Samuel Bottomley and Emmerdale's Shaun Thomas, as well as Laura Ambler, Daisy Jelley and Eilidh Loan.

How to Have Sex arrives in cinemas in the UK and Ireland on November 3.

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