SFA accused by Clyde over Rangers place

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SFA chief executive Stewart Regan at centre of accusations concerning Rangers' bid to play in SPL

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SFA chief executive Stewart Regan at centre of accusations concerning Rangers' bid to play in SPL

Clyde have claimed that Scottish Football Association chief executive Stewart Regan effectively vowed to block a newco Rangers starting life in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League.

Regan denied the claims but Clyde say the Scottish Football League clubs were clearly left with just two options following a meeting on Tuesday - accept the Ibrox club in the Irn-Bru First Division or be subjected to an SPL2 breakaway to avoid the financial consequences of a Third Division entry.

Just before SPL clubs rejected the newco application, Clyde released a lengthy statement on their official website giving an eloquent account of the meeting and difficult situation placed on SFL clubs.

"There were a few new things learned in the meeting, not least that the rules of the SFL would allow any club accepted into the SFL, by a simple majority, to be placed in any division," the Third Division club said.

"The rules do not state, nor imply, that they must join at the bottom tier, only custom and practice around good governance and integrity has seen teams join in the bottom tier.

"In addition, the attendees at the meeting were left in absolutely no doubt whatsoever by Stewart Regan that if the SPL clubs voted to allow a newco into the SPL then it would be blocked by the SFA refusing to transfer the SFA membership.

"It was however caveated well enough to make it less than an absolute statement. The meeting was full of implied actions and outcomes, the use of clever language when delivering the speeches allows anyone to defend with 'that is not what I said'.

"However, nobody will have left the meeting with anything other than the very clear messages being put across. Denials of the substance of the message being delivered do not assist anyone in this absolutely dreadful situation."

Regan had said in a statement on Tuesday night: "Unfortunately, a comment relating to one potential scenario Rangers FC's readmission to the SPL - was distorted, taken out of context and leaked to the media by a member.

"For the avoidance of doubt, any decision regarding the future status of Rangers FC requires not only the transfer of the SPL share but the transfer of the Scottish FA's membership. The Scottish FA board will approve this only when all relevant information has been provided and the directors are satisfied that the solution presented is in the best interests of Scottish football."

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