I shared a 220-square-foot junior suite with 2 other people on a Carnival Cruise. Here's a look inside.

Megan duBois on cruise (left), junior carnival suite (right)
During my family's four-night cruise, the Elation sailed to the Bahamas from Jacksonville, Florida.Megan duBois
  • My family spent four nights in a 220-square-foot junior suite aboard the Carnival Elation.

  • The space's picture windows and ample storage space made it feel larger than it actually was.

  • Booking the $950 junior suite also came with perks, like priority boarding and disembarkation.

My family of three shared a 220-square-foot junior suite during our four-night voyage to the Bahamas aboard the Carnival Elation.

I was initially hesitant to book a junior suite instead of a stateroom, but the added amenities and great use of space made it worth the $950 we paid.

Plus, reserving the junior suite had perks. We got priority check-in; express boarding during our embarkation in Jacksonville, Florida; and priority disembarkation at all ports of call, helping us get to our excursions faster and make the most of our time.

Take a look inside our junior suite.

When we entered the 220-square-foot accommodation, I was surprised by its spaciousness.

entrance to junior suite carnival elation
The suite had a narrow hallway by the entrance that led into the main room.Megan duBois

From the moment I opened the door to our junior suite, I was very impressed by the use of space. Miraculously, the 220-square-foot accommodation felt large.

The picture windows looking out to the ocean helped with the illusion, making the room feel bigger than it actually was.

All three of our suitcases fit underneath the king-size bed.

inside of junior suite carnival elation
My parents shared the bed, and I slept on the couch.Megan duBois

Each of us brought a large suitcase, and we also shared a carry-on bag.

After unpacking and finding a place for our clothes and necessities, I was pleased that the room still didn't feel cluttered.

Our suitcases rolled under the king-size bed, where they stayed until the last night of our cruise.

There was a large TV on the wall across from the bed.

TV in Carnival Elation room
I had a clear view of the TV from the couch, where I slept during the trip.Megan duBois

We didn't watch much TV during the day, but it was nice to turn on a show or movie in the evening before bed.

Even though we overpacked for the four-night cruise, we still had plenty of storage space.

closet in junior suite carnival elation
The suite never felt cluttered during our voyage.Megan duBois

We hung the dresses and nice clothing we brought for The Chef's Table, a VIP dining experience we reserved ahead of time, in a large closet.

My family definitely overpacked for a four-night cruise, but luckily, our room host brought us more hangers. Next to the closet, there was a small set of open shelves where we threw our T-shirts and swimsuits for easy access.

We could also keep any valuables in the suite's safe.

safe on carnival elation
The safe was directly next to the closet.Megan duBois

The safe allowed us to store valuables, like passports and computers, in a secure spot and keep them there until the end of the voyage.

The desk drawers were the perfect place to put items like charging cords and jewelry.

vanity desk area junior suite carnival elation
To free up space in the bathroom, we could also use this mirror to get ready.Megan duBois

We put our key cards on the desk each night so we'd know where to find them the following morning.

The junior suite's bathroom was small but usable.

bathroom on carnival elation
The bathroom was roughly the same size I expected it to be.Megan duBois

Pretty much all the cruise rooms I've seen have tiny bathrooms, and the one in our junior suite was no exception.

It had a single sink with a shelf above it, a small mirror, a standard-size toilet, and a tiny shower.

The shower had a tiny ledge separating it from the rest of the floor, so water got everywhere whenever one of us showered.

bathroom on carnival elation
I would've liked there to be more of a barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.Megan duBois

Inside the shower, there was a detachable shower head and soap dispensers.

Despite its small size, the balcony was a major plus for my family.

balcony of junior suite on carnival elation
The balcony had two seats and a small table on it.Megan duBois

Our junior suite's balcony was a little small, fitting no more than two chairs. So if all three of us wanted to be outside at the same time, one person was always left standing. Still, it wasn't a deal-breaker.

Because of our suite's location, we were able to see part of the bridge and watch as the captain guided the ship into each port of call, which was a fun, unexpected experience.

The balcony was also a great place to hang out when the lido deck was busy. We also sought it out when we needed downtime but still wanted to soak up the sun.

The key to sharing a cruise room this size is to stay organized and make the most of the space.

bed in junior suite carnival elation
Each day of our trip, my family took time to tidy our suite.Megan duBois

Cruise rooms tend to be on the smaller side, so packing three people into one can be a challenge. We quickly learned that staying organized was key to making the suite feel spacious.

When my family and I finished using an item, whether it be a charging cord or a blow-dryer, we immediately put it back in its designated place.

If someone ended up tossing pillows or blankets off the bed in the middle of the night, we picked them up off the floor in the morning. We also kept all our dirty laundry in a hamper that we brought with us so we wouldn't have to strew smelly garments around the suite.

Keeping tidy also made packing easier at the end of the cruise. And by the time I was back on land, I was glad we splurged on the junior suite.

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