Sheffield Weather: 'Heavy rain' to return and temperatures drop but no weather warnings after Storm Babet

This is when
This is when "heavy rain" will return to Sheffield after the downpour from Storm Babet. (Photo courtesy of Chris Hallam)

Heavy rain will return to Sheffield for a brief downpour this week as temperatures are set to fall into single digits.

The Met Office is forecasting heavy rain to return to the city on Tuesday morning (October 24), before changing to cloudy in the afternoon. In contrast, the BBC is forecasting light right with a breeze well into the afternoon.

Tomorrow (Monday October 23), both forecasters are reporting a dry day, with temperatures eventually reaching as high as 13C in the afternoon, with rainfall in the evening.

Wednesday will remain dry, with rain coming overnight as we head into Thursday. The Met Office forecasts the rain to cease in the morning, but to potentially return briefly in the afternoon. The BBC report it will remain dry with highs of 13C.

The BBC is forecasting rain for much of next weekend, with brief breaks in the wet weather in the evenings of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Met Office forecast, which only goes as far as Saturday at current, is predicting longer dry spells with intermittent rainfall.

This weekend, Sheffield has been bombarded with severe rainfall and flooding. It was preceeded by amber weather and flood warnings, as the city braced for the onslaught of Storm Babet.

Thankfully, no Met Office weather warnings (which are also used by the BBC) are in place for the next week, so any rainfall should be much more manageable.