Sheryl Crow Says Her Teenage Kids Tease Her for 'Cringey' Behavior: 'Mom, You Can Not Be on TikTok'

The acclaimed singer is mom to sons Wyatt, 16, and Levi, 13

All Sheryl Crow wants to do is have some fun, but not at the expense of her teenage sons!

The singer, 62, was a guest on Thursday's episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, where she revealed what it's like to have her boys Wyatt, 16, and Levi, 13, find her decisions "cringey" at times.

When Meyers, 50, asked his guest — who just released her new album Evolution — if her kids are fans of her music, she replied: "They are."

"I actually played 'Alarm Clock' for them because that's the first song that came out on the record," she said. "It's about how much I hate my alarm clock, and it literally was inspired by 13-year-old Levi, because we are not morning people. Across the board. Wyatt jumps out of bed. He's like, 'Days on, let's go.' "

"I also wrote a song called 'Broken Record,' and I played it for them and they were like, 'Mom, you can not put that on your record. No.' Same with TikTok, 'Mom, you can not be on TikTok. That is so cringey,' " Crow recounted to Meyers.

As she told the show's host — who is a father of three children himself — he needs to "just wait" before he gets similar comments from his little ones.

"It's around the corner for you," she joked to Meyers.

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Crow is already watching her kids grow up before her eyes. During her latest television chat, she revealed that they're now driving together to school, something that gives her an "odd sense of accomplishment."

"They were happy, I got them fed. The homework is done, they're on their way to school," she said, adding that she gets herself a coffee and puts her feet up after they leave the house.

"The first couple days when they drove off I was like like, 'What are they talking about,' " Crow said, before Meyers asked if they talk about her.

"They would not be talking about me, unless it was something stupid that I had done. My kids, literally, they should have subtitles under them that are like, whenever they talk, you see, 'Mom, you're an idiot. Mom, you do not know anything. Just shut up.' "

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<p>Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort via Getty</p> Sheryl Crow and her sons, Wyatt and Levi, in 2012

Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort via Getty

Sheryl Crow and her sons, Wyatt and Levi, in 2012

Crow's two boys made a rare appearance with her in November when the musician was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

The "Soak Up the Sun" singer and her kids all matched in black during the red carpet outing, where they walked alongside other inductees included Missy ElliottChaka Khan and Willie Nelson.

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The teens already seemed to be taking after their mom, too, as she described them as "both musical" in February 2023.

"I don't know that either one of them really wants to do that, but they're both musical, and I'm one of those obnoxious parents who's like, 'You have to take piano. Do not argue with me about it,' " she told PEOPLE at the MusiCares 2023 Persons of the Year Gala.

"But my 15-year-old, he's got a great ear and can play really well," she added. "I think he will always tinker, but he wants to be a marine biologist, so I don't know how to compete with that because it's such an— I don't even know what they do. So I'm happy for him to go save the reefs. That's what he wants to do."

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