Shocking moment police raid illegal music event inside shipping containers in Hackney

April Roach
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 (Metropolitan Police)
(Metropolitan Police)

This is the moment police raided an illegal music event held in two shipping containers stacked on top each other in east London.

The alleged organiser of the who fled the area after the police raid has now been tracked down and is facing a £10,000 fine.

Police were called to an address in Towbridge Road, in Hackney, at 3am on Sunday after receiving reports of anti-social behaviour and complaints about loud music.

Members of the public reported seeing more than 30 people gather in Trowbridge Gardens.

When two Metropolitan Police officers arrived at the scene they discovered a crowd of people gathered around inside two shipping containers.

Bodycam footage shows a stream of people leaving the containers.

The partygoers were asked to leave but because of the number of people present the two officers were unable to take enforcement action at the time.

The force said an investigation was immediately launched to track down the organiser.

With the help of local neighbourhood officers, the organiser of the illegal event was identified and on Tuesday he was reported for the consideration of a £10,000 fine.

Bodycam footage shows the moment police raided the eventMetropolitan Police
Bodycam footage shows the moment police raided the eventMetropolitan Police

Chief Inspector Pete Shaw, from the Hackney and Tower Hamlets policing area, said officers put themselves at risk to deal with partygoers who were “packed into a confined and dangerous space”.

“Given the dangers these events pose to the infection rate, it is only right that we prove that actions have consequences,” he said.

“I hope this hefty fine demonstrates that we will not tolerate blatant breaches of the rules that are in place to keep everyone safe. This sends a clear message that if you organise or facilitate this type of event, which will still be illegal for months to come, then we will do everything we can to find you and issue a large fine.

“It is frustrating that, almost a year into the pandemic, there are still some people acting so selfishly, especially given the awful human cost from this virus.”

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