If You Keep Seeing Women Squirting Ketchup On Their Counters In Front Of Men, Here's What The "Experiment" Is And Why It Has Gone So Viral

We are gathered here today to talk about one of the most popular condiments to ever exist: KETCHUP. It is the star of what is being referred to as the "CLEANING UP KETCHUP CHALLENGE." (I know, super creative name, right?!)

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Anyway, the "cleaning up ketchup challenge" was actually inspired by hot sauce. TikToker @katherinee_310 shared a video of her partner's attempt to clean it off the counter — and his efforts went viral with over 33 million views:

After using way too many paper towels, he just keeps wiping the ketchup into the counter vs. actually cleaning it up. And when he is done, the white counter has a *slight* orange tint.

  @katherinee_310 /
@katherinee_310 /

Clearly, it triggered a lot of people — but it also made some curious about how their own partners would clean up sauce. Thus, the "cleaning up ketchup challenge" was born.

"He stained the counter omg"
@katherinee_310 /

So, women have been confusing the heck out of men by squeezing ketchup on the counter in front of them, and nicely asking them to clean it up. You can see the — very perplexed — men complete the chore, like @samkelly322's partner:

User @themacfamily's hubby was less concerned with cleaning it and more upset that his wife would waste "five cents" worth of ketchup. He used paper towels as well (and saved the ketchup in a baggie for his next hotdog, LOL):

And @aishaxhader's husband's method of trying to save paper towels by wiping and folding ended up backfiring:

The men — like @izzyandlooney's husband — who reach for the cleaner spray afterward get a gold star, though:

However, not all men immediately reach for the paper towels. @tracilittle13's husband brilliantly used waxed paper and a book to scoop the ketchup miraculously off the counter (I'm not explaining it well, you just gotta watch):

And @ssa.lauren_m's partner opted not to waste 72 paper towels like the other men and use an actual washrag:

@lanaiathefairy's partner also has a high IQ and scooped the ketchup into the sink instead of smearing it around:

All-in-all, with this data, I think it's safe to say most men have a similar thought process when it comes to wiping up ketchup — and that is to GRAB THE PAPER TOWELS:

There are thousands of videos on TikTok of the trend. If you want to watch more, you can do so here. Now tell us in the comments if you have done this on your partner and how it went!