Side-by-side photos show how much Tesla's Cybertruck has changed from Elon Musk's original designs

A composite image. The original Tesla truck is at the top of the image; the latest Cybertruck design is at the bottom of the image in an aerial shot.
A media photo of the Tesla Cybertruck compared with a recent aerial shot of the truck at a Tesla factory.Tesla; Brad Sloan/YouTube
  • Tesla Cybertruck orderers are anxiously awaiting their vehicles.

  • Cybertrucks are supposed to make their way to the roads in the coming weeks.

  • But photos have some speculating that what buyers get may not be what they signed up for.

Recently shared images of the long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck have some buyers and onlookers speculating that the controversial vehicle will look a little different from what was once intended.

Photos and flyover videos said to be of the Cybertruck are surfacing online, with some people suggesting Tesla is experiencing its own "Instagram versus reality" moment.

Between its stainless-steel panels, interesting proportions, and other quirks, the design of the Cybertruck has industry experts scratching their heads.

And lately, the most recent glimpses of the Cybertruck appeared to veer slightly from the futuristic images the world first saw of the truck.

Some of the sharp angles looked different, the wheels seemed to have changed, and the body may not be as robust as it once looked. It goes to show that Cybertruck buyers still don't exactly know what they're getting into, with such little spec information available and uncertainty about pricing and delivery timelines.

Many are nitpicking every glimpse of the vehicle they can get before it arrives, especially with regard to the frunk and the cockpit. Some think, given the latest design choices, that the Cybertruck might always look a little bit off and covered in fingerprints.

Regardless, it's not unusual for today's Cybertruck images to differ slightly from previously released photos. The Cybertruck has seemingly gone through numerous design iterations, even before its notorious unveiling in 2019.

Walter Isaacson, who's working on a new biography of Elon Musk, recently posted images that appeared to show early Cybertruck designs. Those designs looked to have more curves and traditional features of auto design than the sleek, angular prototypes of late.

Some things about the trapezoidal vehicle have stayed pretty consistent, such as its sheer size and length.

The Cybertruck is supposed to finally make its way to buyers this month, but it's not unlikely there will be yet another delay.

Stakes are high for Musk to get the Cybertruck right, especially given it's the EV market leader's first foray into the most competitive vehicle segment in the country.

Competing products such as the F-150 Lightning, the Rivian R1T, and the coming electric Ram 1500 and Silverado pickups have spread the wealth of customers available.

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