People Are Sharing The Popular Comfort Dishes That Are Totally Unique To Their Cultures, And You'll Want To Write Some Of These Down For All Your Fall Cooking

There's truly nothing better than making your favorite comfort meal as the weather starts to get colder. And now that we've hit peak fall, I'm craving all those cozy dishes I grew up with. So when Redditor u/txlily asked the r/Cooking community for their culture’s easy home comfort food, I was ready to dig in and take some notes on what I'll be cooking this season. Here are some of the cultural dishes people shared:

1."Latvian Lazy Cabbage — it's like a deconstructed cabbage roll. It's actually my mom's comfort food. I didn't even know about it until I was much older and she asked me to find the recipe for her. Now I make it several times a year and always give some to her and her sister. I use pre-cooked rice and add a pinch of cayenne and some Worcestershire to the meat with the tomato paste."

a cabbage stew topped with herbs

2."Rajma and rice — curried slow-cooked kidney beans in a spicy sauce served over basmati rice."


3."Daal and rice. Or khichdi which is a one-pot lentil and rice dish eaten with ghee, curd, and pickle — or in my case, mango chutney."

daal in a tin pot next to a plate of rice
Manaswi Patil / Getty Images

4."Loco moco — sticky white rice, fried hamburger patty on top, and an over-easy egg on top all smothered in brown gravy (the packet is fine). You can add onions if you’re feeling fancy or some sriracha on top. My gramps dumped ketchup on his."


5."Something I picked up from living in Japan was tamago gohan. Just steamed rice, egg yolk, some soy sauce, and furikake if you have it. Whisk it all together with chopsticks and it’s just a simple and wildly satisfying meal."

a plate of tamago gohan with two egg yolks on top

6."Probably chilaquiles in our family. Leftover corn tortillas are fried crispy then cooked in a salsa (in our family usually salsa verde or borracho) then topped with a fried egg and the usual suspects (lime wedges, cream, cilantro, jalapeños, and queso fresco)."


7."Chicken and dumplings! Although my family’s dumplings are more like flat homemade noodles so it’s probably closer to chicken and noodles. I just made some last night and it’s so comforting on a cold day."

a pot of chicken and dumplings

8."A fresh dosai off the griddle on a Saturday morning, or idli with butter and cinnamon."


9."Chicken paprikash. Pride of Szeged sweet paprika is the best. Use bone-in chicken thighs and egg noodles if you absolutely don't want to make nokudli (dumplings). Opa will be proud if you make the nokudli with it though and honestly, the flavor and texture are so much better with the sauce if you do!"

chicken paprikash in a cast iron pan with herbs and sour cream on top

10."Fried eggs banh mi — warm baguette, pickled carrots and daikon, Vietnamese pâté, Vietnamese mayo, crispy fried eggs, and finished with a drizzle of Maggi seasoning."


11."Baked beans on toast, cheese on toast, cheese on beans on toast, cheese and beans on a baked potato, etc. I think easy British comfort food comes down to what we can do with baked beans, cheese, and carbs."

baked beans and shredded cheese on top a piece of toast

12."Sabbath stew! Chunks of stewing beef browned with onions and garlic. Add it all to the crockpot with barley and beef stock and cook for at least 12 hours."


13."Congee is a big one in my household. An easy soft tofu stir fry with Chinese sausage is another one. And anything with soupy noodles plus sui choy (Chinese cabbage) and an egg!"

a bowl of congee with two friend eggs arranged in a smiley face

14."Haluski — pasta, golden onions, sauerkraut or green cabbage, salt, and pepper. Garnish with chives if you want. IMO all Polish food is comfort food, but this is the easiest."


15."Chicken and sausage gumbo with French bread and butter."

a plate of of gumbo with rice on top and scallions

16."Rice, eggs, and spam."


"My old Filipino roommates ate this often. We weren’t close, but they were so generous and open to sharing meals."


17."My family is French Canadian and made Acadian dishes. We have something called Tourtière which was like a mince meat pie. Now that I'm vegetarian, I make it with lentils, but it was our main way of using leftover turkey from Thanksgiving."

a slice of Tourtière on a plate next to a leafy salad

18."On my Ashkenazi side, we got a lot of premade stuff from the local deli; matzoh ball soup, knishes, blintzes, and stuffed cabbage were big ones."


19."Mercimek Çorbasi — Turkish red lentil soup. It is very easy to make and you can eat it with some lemon, raw onion, and bread."

a bowl of turkish red lentil soup

20."Polish version of a tomato soup. You take the chicken stock that you made for Sunday dinner and just add a jar of concentrated tomato paste. Served with either pasta or rice. The best part is a mushy carrot that you can fish out of the pot. My grandma would also make blini with leftover mash, flour, and one egg then shape it into discs — like potato croquettes, but less crispy."


21."My family liked to make cream chopped beef over buttered toast. We also called it 'shit on a shingle.' Delicious."

cream chopped beef over two slices of white toast

22."Belgian mac 'n' cheese with macaroni, diced ham, and shredded gruyère cheese."


23."Cuban picadillo. We omit raisins and leave olives whole so leftovers can go into papas rellenas or empanadas."

cuban beef picadillo with olives, potatoes, and herbs served with a side of rice

24."Adobo from the Philippines is so easy. Even if you make a mistake making it, it’s still delicious. You can use pork or chicken for this dish. Every family has their own version, so don’t worry about authenticity or tradition — make it your own!"


25."I’m Trinidadian, so curry chicken, white rice, and cucumber chow was always the meal I asked my dad to cook when I came home from university."

trinidadian curry chicken served with a side of roti

Are their any comfort meals from your own culture that you can't get enough of? Let us know in the comments, or through this anonymous form. Your favorite dish could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.

Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.