Singing group back in Bolton town centre after 2 year misunderstanding with council

Charity Aid in Bolton <i>(Image: Charity Aid)</i>
Charity Aid in Bolton (Image: Charity Aid)

A charity singing group are back singing in Bolton after two years following a misunderstanding with the council.

Charity Aid, a group of singing volunteers run by Peter Quinn, have revealed they can now sing in Bolton town centre with an amplifier.

Previously, the charity said they had been "banned" from singing in Victoria Square when a warden had asked them to leave in 2021 citing an incorrect permit.

On Saturday, September 23, Charity Aid were just outside the old RBS building and with amplifiers in place, sang their religious songs and managed to raise around £500 in the process.

Mr Quinn said: “I am delighted because Bolton is our hometown, it’s our spiritual home.

The Bolton News: Charity Aid
The Bolton News: Charity Aid

“The most we have ever raised has been in Bolton, and that was £3,000.

“But that was 20 years ago and of course Bolton has changed now, but we still managed £500 and that is very good for nowadays.”

Mr Quinn originally set up the group following a cancer diagnosis and has since raised £765,000.

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “Bolton town centre is a popular location for musical performers and charity collectors, and we do all we can to accommodate requests.

“To avoid double-bookings, and to make sure everyone can enjoy the town centre, we do have certain regulations in place and we urge everyone to double-check the guidelines beforehand.

“We were delighted to support Charity Aid with their recent application to perform in Bolton, and we look forward to welcoming them back in the future.”

The charity are based in Bolton and performed in the town centre regularly before the alleged ban which the council had put down to having the incorrect permit that did not cover amplification.

Mr Quinn said: “It’s in the past now, the council have done the right thing.

"It has been two years, but we have been busy, but we have been wanting to come back here ever since.

“It’s fabulous being back and it’s the middle ground for us as we have volunteers from Burnley, Preston and Manchester.”

To perform at Victoria Square, groups must pay a fee, but the charity singing group politely declined this and set up nearby outside the old RBS.

Mr Quinn said: “We did not need to be on the square, and we had a really good turnout where we were.”

The group is also on the hunt for new volunteers, young and old, and of any singing quality.

Next week the group will be performing outside the Horwich Tesco and say the supermarket has been supportive in its charity efforts for a long time.

Anyone who wishes to join can contact Peter Quinn.