Sir Anthony Hopkins Is Starring In A Ryan Reynolds-Produced Super Bowl Ad, And Now I Have A Wild Deadpool 3 Theory That I Hope Is True

 Deadpool looking shocked and Anthony Hopkins looking serious, pictured side-by-side.
Deadpool looking shocked and Anthony Hopkins looking serious, pictured side-by-side.

Fan theories can be crazy when it comes to what the upcoming Marvel movies and TV shows could be bringing around the corner. So why shouldn’t we throw another interesting possibility into the mix, as I’m about to propose that Sir Anthony Hopkins starring in a Ryan Reynolds-produced ad for the Super Bowl could mean something big for the world 2024 movies. Brace yourself, as I have a wild Deadpool 3 theory that I really hope is true.

Anthony Hopkins shouts in preparation in the Stok Cold Brew Super Bowl ad.
Anthony Hopkins shouts in preparation in the Stok Cold Brew Super Bowl ad.

Sir Anthony Hopkins Is The Wred Dragon

On the surface, we have a fantastic meeting of the minds, as the marketing wizardry of Reynolds’ Maximum Effort brand has teamed up with this Academy Award-winning talent with a great sense of humor. In an ad for Stōk Cold Brew brand, which is an official sponsor of the stadium home to Wrexham AFC, Anthony Hopkins plays the role of a lifetime. Watch him embody the spirit of Wrex the Wred Dragon, in the video below:

Now how did this combination come to pass? Well, with Welcome to Wrexham’s football club being located in Wales, having Sir Anthony’s Welsh acting talents boosting the team’s profile would seem like a natural fit. That said, if you’re looking for what we know about Deadpool 3,  you should probably head elsewhere, as I’m going to drop my wild theory about where Mr. Hopkins might come into the MCU.

Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier
Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier

My Wild Deadpool 3 Theory Involving Sir Anthony Hopkins

Again, I must stress my own personal disclaimer that I am not basing this theory on any sort of inside intel. Honestly, my Deadpool 3 theory is something very tenuous, and is merely based on the fact that Ryan Reynolds loves to work with previous collaborators.

With the Silence of the Lambs star making an appearance in this Reynolds-produced commercial, and that knowledge in mind, I think Anthony Hopkins could have a role in Deadpool 3…as a Professor X variant. Hear me out: we already know that Deadpool 3 is going to be yet another multiversal story, thanks to those wild Deadpool 3 set photos showing off three variants of Wade Wilson’s persona.

Not to mention, recent speculation has been calling into question whether the legendary Patrick Stewart could reprise his iconic role as Charles Xavier. Stewart’s clever dodging of this X-Men question brings in the distinct possibility that Professor X will be a character in this director Shawn Levy’s recently wrapped three-quel.

Take both of those highlights, and multiply over Anthony Hopkins enjoying cold brew with a dragon costume out of nowhere for Ryan Reynolds, and you’ve got the origins of a theory. Surprisingly, no cold brew coffee was involved in the formulation of this theory. But I wouldn't be above a second draft under such an influence.

If we’re going to see the Marvel multiverse hard at work in Deadpool 3, then why wouldn’t multiple Professor X variants be involved? Also, who better to even consider for the role of Charles than Sir Anthony? Well, besides the obvious choice of X-Men hopeful Giancarlo Esposito.

Then again, maybe Anthony Hopkins could be playing an "Old Man Wade" variant of Ryan Reynolds' Merc with the Mouth. But who'd drop a wild theory like that without explanation of a similarly valid possibility, like a Marvel Studios post-credits tease?

The multiverse is vast, and there’s plenty of room for variation in Deadpool 3. Though the movie’s already wrapped and set for release on July 26th, who knows what huge secrets are still hidden behind the veil of secrecy known as Marvel Studios security? For all anyone knows, appearances from Sir Anthony Hopkins and Taylor Swift make up a whole new universe of campy X-Men adventures!