Sir Billy Connolly’s wife shares health update on husband amid ‘serious falls’

Sir Billy Connolly’s wife has shared her update on his health. <i>(Image: PA)</i>
Sir Billy Connolly’s wife has shared her update on his health. (Image: PA)

Sir Billy Connolly’s wife, Pamela Stephenson has shared that her husband has had “a couple of serious falls” after they noticed his balance was deteriorating.

It comes as the Scottish comedian, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 10 years ago on the same day he found out he had prostate cancer, which he later received all clear on.

Now sharing an update on his health, the comic and his wife shared in an article in The Guardian sharing: “It’s very difficult to see the progression exactly because a lot of things come and go.

“Recently I’ve noticed a deterioration in my balance.

“That was never such a problem before, but in the last year that has come and it has stayed.

“For some reason, I thought it would go away, because a lot of symptoms have come and gone away … just to defy the symptom spotters.

“The shaking has reappeared…”

Sir Billy’s wife, Pamela added: “The balance issue has been most significant, hasn’t it?

The Bolton News:
The Bolton News:

“Especially since, unfortunately, it resulted in you having a couple of serious falls …”

The comic also shared how one of his falls reminded him of his time on stage: “It’s funny, that fall I had when I landed on my jaw reminded me of a thing I used to do on stage.

“I used to say: ‘I fell out of bed, but luckily my face broke my fall…’

“It’s just added to the list of things that hold me back.

“I feel like I want to go for a walk, but I go for 50 yards and I want to go home, because I’m tired.

“I’m being encroached upon by this disease.

“It’s creeping up behind me and stopping me doing things.

“It’s a cruel disease.”

The couple spoke about how their relationship has changed since the comedian was diagnosed and Sir Billy said that his wife now dresses him in the morning, mentioning that he has “to get lifts everywhere” as he “can’t drive any more”.

Sir Billy also talked about what it has been like to stop travelling as much following the various lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said: “It’s been brilliant! It’s been one of the great surprises of my life! I was told to stay home, I did it and I loved it. Even my dogs loved it.

“Although we were very lucky because we live on a canal, so we could go for walks in a tropical paradise.”