​Sircar surprised by judges’ decision after exciting Rotherham battle

Adam Sircar was denied what he felt was a deserved win. (Photo: d)
Adam Sircar was denied what he felt was a deserved win. (Photo: d)

​Sircar was up against Doncaster’s Jimmy Joe Flint, 26, the current holder of the super lightweight central area title and the firm favourite to win the fight.

It was also Sircar’s first bout under the tutelage of his new coach Haroon Hedley.

After a steady first round, Sircar took the second 10-8 having put Flint down at one point with a left hook.

Sircar was on top in rounds three and four, then he hurt Flint again in the fifth with round six seeing his opponent on the back foot to recover and Sircar himself deliberately easing off a little.

Sircar again had the better of the seventh, and while round eight was closer and the ninth far more even, the tenth saw the Buxton man believe he’d again had the better of things and done enough to win.

Sircar said: “I finished the final round strong with my arm up believing, as did my corner, that we had done more than enough to take home the title.

“The fight was then somehow scored 95-95 and a draw, which me and my team felt was an injustice especially after doing that to him in his own backyard.

“Nonetheless it was a great fight, a great opportunity to fight for my first title but we will now be pushing for the rematch, as it’s definitely unfinished business as arguably I should have had my hand raised and the belt around my waist.

“There were plenty of positives to take from the fight, I think I certainly showed that I belong in the mix at this level and above on the domestic scene, with plenty of the crowd who weren’t my supporters congratulating me and thinking I won the fight.

"I have also moved from 85th to 32nd in the British rankings, a massive jump in one fight, which will only stand me in good stead going forward.

"I now have a couple of weeks’ rest and it’s straight back into the gym, hopeful of the possibility of another fight before the end of the year and a rematch to start 2024.”