'Sister Wives' star Meri Brown says she wants to 'vomit' after hearing Kody complain about 'cantankerous' wives to his friends

Meri  Brown and Kody Brown.
Meri and Kody Brown on "Sister Wives."TLC; TLC
  • Kody Brown's comment about "cantankerous" wives makes Meri want to "vomit."

  • In a preview clip of Sunday's episode, Kody is explaining the benefits of polygamy to friends.

  • While boasting about escaping wives he's "not enjoying," Kody lived exclusively at Robyn's house.

In a clip of Sunday's upcoming new episode of TLC's "Sister Wives" shared by Us Weekly, Meri Brown says she wants to "vomit" after hearing that her now-ex-husband Kody Brown told his friends he uses plural marriage to get away from "cantankerous" wives when he can.

"Polygamy could be a gift where it dilutes personalities," Kody says to his friends during the gathering shown in the clip. He goes on to explain that if he were in a monogamous marriage and thought his wife was being "cantankerous," he wouldn't be able to leave her. But since he's in plural marriage, he says he's able to "get away" from any wife that he finds irritating by going to visit another wife.

He adds that the situation could be reversed when his wives find him "cantankerous" and can look forward to the nights when he's at one of their sister wives' houses.

Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown from "Sister Wives."
Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown from "Sister Wives."Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In Us Weekly's clip of the upcoming episode, two of Kody's wives (both of whom have since left him) react to Kody's "cantankerous" comment in separate confessionals.

Janelle, who announced her split from Kody in a tell-all that aired in December 2022, laughs and tells the cameras that Kody "hit it on the nose."

But Meri feels quite differently. "That kind of comment just makes me want to vomit," she says in her confessional interview. "Maybe you should look at the whole big picture then in a situation like that and figure out how you can work together and be together instead of using somebody else as an escape."

The episode was filmed in late 2021, TLC confirmed to Insider. At that point, Kody was living at his fourth wife Robyn's house full-time. As shown in previous seasons of "Sister Wives," he stopped living at Meri's house shortly after her catfishing scandal in 2015. Meri and Kody decided to enter into a polygamous lifestyle together but as seen on the show, hadn't been romantic with each other for many years. Kody legally divorced Meri in 2014 so he could legally marry Robyn and adopt her three kids from a previous marriage.

Kody and Meri remained spiritually married after their legal divorce but officially announced their split in January 2023.

Though Kody and Janelle hadn't yet declared themselves separated, he stopped living at her house shortly after the pandemic started because her adult sons didn't adhere to Kody's strict COVID-19 safety rules that were more extreme than CDC guidelines. Kody's third wife Christine Brown announced to the public that she and Kody had split in November 2021 and was already living in Utah at the time the season 18 episode was filmed.

New episodes of "Sister Wives" air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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