Sisters Both Want to Have Weddings During the Same Month — Now They're Feuding Over Who Gets 'First Choice'

After a woman told her family to "block out" four months for her wedding and hadn't picked a final date, her sister booked a venue for her own wedding

<p>Getty</p> Photo illustration of a soon-to-be newlywed selecting their wedding date.


Photo illustration of a soon-to-be newlywed selecting their wedding date.

Two sisters are dealing with a wedding-date mixup that's causing family drama.

Earlier this week, a soon-to-be bride shared a candid post to Reddit’s popular AITA forum, explaining that her sister "got angry" at her after she booked a wedding venue during one of the months that her sister asked her to "block off" for her own wedding.

The 30-year-old woman, who is anonymous, wrote that she and her partner were “unofficially” engaged and have privately been planning to wed sometime in 2025. The pair had been "laying the framework in secret" for their wedding, now two years after they started dating.

At the same time, the woman's 33-year-old sister was teasing a 2025 wedding herself, after already getting engaged 2 years ago. She told her family to reserve the months of June, July, August and September 2025 for her potential wedding date, but had not yet finalized the date.

"My BF found the perfect venue and the only viable date they had was in August so we provisionally booked it," the younger sister wrote. "While talking to my sister last night, she said she is now thinking about August so I had to tell her. She got angry because she’d already told everyone not to make plans for those months so that we can be available for her wedding."

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After the younger sister encouraged her sister to "choose another month" since she already booked her own venue, the older sister responded: "I got engaged first so I should have first choice."

"She also says planning a wedding at the same time will split the family’s attention which is bad for both of us so I should wait until after her wedding to get engaged but that’s a no from me," the younger sister recalled.

"Her final argument, and the only one that makes me question my decision, is that it’s cruel to do this considering I know how long she waited to be able to have her moment and this is really important to her," she wrote. "She and her fiancé had been together for 10 years before he proposed and I know she’d been waiting for at least 5 of those years."

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While it's not an "ideal situation" for the Reddit user, she wrote that she and her fiancé were planning a traditional wedding in her hometown, while her sister was planning on hosting "20 guests at a destination wedding in Italy."

"There won’t be guest overlap apart from the immediate family so as long as it’s not on the same day, it should be fine right?" the woman asked. "The venue we chose really is perfect for what we want and I’ll be away for work for a big chunk of the year so the date is ideal. We could cancel and search for a different venue but I really don’t want to unless I’m being [the a--hole] here."

<p>Getty</p> Photo illustration of a groom putting a ring on his bride's finger at their wedding


Photo illustration of a groom putting a ring on his bride's finger at their wedding

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Several people on Reddit sided with the younger sister, with one in particular noting that the elder sister was "being ridiculous."

"She gets a day, not four months," the user added. "She’s also had TWO YEARS to pick at date and make a plan. Your perfect venue fell into your lap. Book it. Happy planning!"

Another user encouraged the woman's older sister to "think long and hard about a wedding in Italy in August."

"It’s scorching hot, their main holiday month so everywhere is fully booked and more expensive," the wrote. "She’d be better off having her lovely Italian wedding in June or September."

While many told the younger sister that she wasn't in the wrong in the scenario, some users thought otherwise. One commenter told the soon-to-be bride that the older sister "already told you her timeline and you just preferred to be sneaky and didn’t even say one word about it back then but suddenly you’re the one who got the venue!"

"That’s distasteful to me," they wrote. "Yes, you can’t block people have their wedding whenever they want but you weren’t even nice enough to give her a heads up. For all we know you can be at your honeymoon during her wedding so you can’t join. Immediate family still has to pay for their dress, transportation, hotel even if they don’t help your weddings so they might be forced to choose one of you."

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