Six elite referees in unanimous verdict over Abdallah Sima disallowed Rangers goal vs Celtic

The Rangers goal was chopped off for a push on Joe Hart
-Credit: (Image: SNS Group)

Six elite referees have reached the unanimous verdict that Abdallah Sima's Rangers goal was correctly ruled out against Celtic.

That's according to former Scottish whistler Bobby Madden who has given his own take on the incident in the aftermath. Gers were on top for much of the second half of Saturday's Scottish Cup final and looked to have made that pressure pay by edging on front through Sima's 'goal'.

James Tavernier put in yet another wicked delivery from a set-piece and it had Joe Hart and the Hoops defence scrambling, with the forward popping up at the back post to bundle it over the line. However, replays showed Raskin may have shoved the goalkeeper and VAR asked John Beaton to have another look. He went on to rule the goal out.

Since his retirement, Madden has enjoyed giving his take on decisions online and this was no different. He said: "This goal is correctly disallowed following and on field review. With so much going on at corners these offences are almost impossible to detect live by match officials, and this is exactly why VAR was introduced.

"There is a lot of discussion around a stronger push not being awarded earlier in game for an incident just outside the penalty area. It’s not been detected on the field of play, had it been inside the penalty area VAR would certainly have got involved. That incident doesn’t mean you then can’t punish this quite obvious push, two wrongs don’t make a right.

"You simply can’t be behind the goalkeeper and push them as they jump to play the ball. You can debate all day whether you think the goalkeeper would have played the ball, he has only missed it by a matter of centimetres. What you can’t debate is that the push has an impact on the goalkeeper, and that can’t be ignored by the VAR when they have such a clear image."

Some people have suggested that Raskin himself was actually fouled before pushing Hart, with Greg Taylor paying him close attention. But Madden has shrugged that off and says six elite refs he consulted were in agreement.

He added: "A lot of questions about Raskin being held before the push on Hart. Come on. There is “holding” of that nature at almost every set piece. I’m sure if you studied that incident there would be multiple offences. You can only punish offences that clearly impact an opponent who is challenging for the ball.

"I don’t think the first contact is a foul but will also say the ball wasn’t in play so couldn’t be punished. After the push there is further which is irrelevant and not enough for a foul anyway. I’ve shown that video to six elite European referees and they all say foul on goalkeeper and goal should be disallowed."