Skeleton stricty business for Saint-Genie

French skeleton racer Gregory Saint-Genie spends a lot of time travelling around the world with a pretty American blonde but he knows he had better behave.


When Tristan Gale (pictured), the 2002 skeleton Olympic champion, agreed to coach Saint-Genie just over two years ago, her husband was caught off guard.

"He was surprised when I first told him I would coach the French men's team," the 30-year-old Gale said.

"It's a bit strange indeed because in a sport that does not get a lot of attention in France, I find myself being the only one to cheer for France.

"But he (my husband) is now perfectly okay with the fact that we spend a lot of time together."

Saint-Genie, himself a married man with two children, met Gale 10 years ago when they would hang around together during World Cup events.

"My goal was to get ready for the Olympics and I almost immediately thought of her to help me," he said.

"She was an outstanding driver with a fantastic technique. This is a great human adventure." But nothing more.

"My husband is a helicopter pilot in the Marine Corps. He can shoot well," Gale said.

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