Ski Jumping - Takeuchi tops Oslo qualifying

Japan's Taku Takeuchi was the top qualifier for Sunday's World Cup event in Oslo.

Ski Jumping - Takeuchi tops Oslo qualifying

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Japan's Taku Takeuchi

Takeuchi jumped 131.5m and with style points end up with a total of 129.1 to finish ahead of Austria's Martin Koch who had 128.8 points.

Slovenia's Jemej Damjan and Austria's Manual Fettner had jumps of 133.5m but style points so them drop to third and fourth respecitively.

The best jump of the session was from Thomas Morgenstern as he produced an effort of 134.0m but his effort didn't count as he had pre-qualified as he is in the Top 10 of the World Cup standings.


1. TAKEUCHI Taku 129.1 points

2. KOCH Martin 128.8

3. DAMJAN Jernej 127.9

4. FETTNER Manuel 127.7

5. HLAVA Lukas 125.5

6. AMMANN Simon 123.5

7. FANNEMEL Anders 120.4

8. ZAUNER David 115.5

9. MIETUS Krzysztof 115.4

10. COLLOREDO Sebastian 113.9

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