Skip The Crab And Try Dessert Rangoons At Your Next Party

fried stuffed wonton wrappers up close
fried stuffed wonton wrappers up close - Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock

Not to diminish the crispy, rich deliciousness of crab rangoon, but by switching a few ingredients, you'll discover a delightfully crunchy, sweet alternative you may not have considered. Dessert rangoons rely on the same wrappers and preparation technique as the classic crab rangoon. However, the alternate fillings bring an entirely new food category to the table, shifting from the main dish to tasty tidbits that curb sugar cravings.

With its finger food serving size, all types of rangoons are great for a party. If you're not familiar, rangoons are a stuffed and deep-fried dish that is similar to wontons. But don't be deceived. There are important distinctions between classic wontons and crab rangoon. The primary one is that rangoons include cream cheese, which is not an ingredient a classic wonton will embrace. For dessert rangoons, the familiar pairing of cream cheese with crab takes a delightful detour into other cream cheese combinations worthy of taking center stage on the dessert table at your next gathering.

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Filling Options For Dessert Rangoons

bowl of cream cheese with cookies and coffee
bowl of cream cheese with cookies and coffee - Alena_Kos/Shutterstock

The versatility of cream cheese means it can just as easily pair with sweet ingredients as with savory options like crab. In fact, you can simply cut the crab out of your filling and tuck a dollop of cream cheese inside the wrapper instead. For a sweeter appeal, mix cream cheese with sugar, vanilla, powdered sugar, honey, or agave. If you pride yourself on your cheesecake recipe, use the same filling in dessert rangoons instead.

To incorporate different flavors, add a bit of jam to your cream cheese filling. If you have fresh or frozen fruit, make a coulis or compote to deliver the sweet flavor. Chocolate is another perfect pairing with cream cheese. Rely on some Nutella or incorporate mini chocolate chips into the mix. For mini versions of your favorite pie, place a drizzle of pie filling alongside your cream cheese.

Whatever you decide to put inside your dessert rangoons, remember not to overstuff them so the filling stays in place during the cooking process. Also, ensure a good seal by moistening the edges of each wrapper with a thin layer of water before pressing them together.

Toppings For Dessert Rangoons

chocolate drizzled over fried wontons with strawberries
chocolate drizzled over fried wontons with strawberries - Kwanbenz/Shutterstock

In addition to stuffing sweetness into your dessert rangoons, consider turning them inside out with toppings and dips acting as the sweet dressing. Once your rangoons are stuffed with cream cheese and fried, drizzle melted chocolate or fresh or warmed fruit (or both) over them. You can also coat your rangoons like a donut or churro. While your wontons are still hot out of the oil, gently shake them in a bag of cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar, or apply the toppings by using a sifter.

For a party, make simple cream cheese-filled rangoons, then offer dipping sauces and toppings so your guests can choose their favorite flavor combinations. Line up small bowls of the aforementioned jam, chocolate, Nutella, and sugars, and make your own dessert rangoon charcuterie board. Include a savory option or two for those who like cream cheese paired with dipping sauces such as sweet and sour, apricot, or pineapple.

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