Skip The Flowers And Create Your Own Swoon-Worthy Donut Bouquet

Person holding donut bouquet
Person holding donut bouquet - Studio GM/Shutterstock

Nothing says "I love you" more than presenting sweet treats to your loved ones. Every year for special occasions like Valentine's Day and birthdays, we see boxes of chocolates, chocolate-covered strawberries, and frosted cupcakes make their rounds. These are enchanting classics, but even they can feel repetitive. This year, consider other gifts to show how sweet your love is, and take on an easy DIY project to create your own swoon-worthy donut bouquet.

Instead of, or along with, supporting your local flower shop, head to your local donut shop to next time you need a bouquet. Order anywhere from six to a dozen and bring them back home for arrangement. The donuts act as the flowers, which you can stab onto the ends of skewers to become the stem. A large cluster of these donut flowers, delicately gift-wrapped and tied off with a bow, is the ultimate sweet gift. Presenting a homemade donut bouquet to someone shows unspoken effort and affection. Like flowers, donuts don't last very long, but that's because they'll be eaten before you know it.

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There's A Donut Bouquet For Every Occasion

donut bouquet for Valentine's Day
donut bouquet for Valentine's Day - Chin Up Donuts/Instagram

Donut bouquets have the potential to become your next Valentine's Day tradition, but they also suit many other special occasions. Donut bouquets can be assembled for birthdays and anniversaries alike — featuring different flavors and colors each time. Plus, if donuts aren't your thing, you can just as easily create other edible bouquets out of cake pops, chocolate-covered strawberries, or frosted sugar cookies. Similarly, Pilsbury wanted us to forgo flowers and make dessert-filled bouquets on Mother's Day, combining any desserts into a sweet arrangement. Yet donuts are a fitting choice for a bouquet — they're sweet, colorful, and have lots of variety.

There are plenty of aesthetic choices you can make to customize a donut bouquet. Any combination of icings and sprinkles is fun and holiday-appropriate, but keep in mind the symbolic colors and flavors of a holiday. On Valentine's Day, for example, red and pink donuts with chocolate or strawberry flavors show peak festivity. Varying donut sizes and shapes can also add to the bouquet's donuty dimension. Donut holes, bars, twists, and circles can represent the diverse flowers that make up a lush bouquet. Although you can present the donuts in gift wrap, thoughtfully placing them directly into a vase is an easier alternative that's just as loveable. So next time you need a bouquet, try skipping the flowers.

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