SMALL SCHOOL ROUNDUP: Lady Bulldogs, Demons win Thursday night battles

Jan. 26—It was a tight battle the entire game.

Savanna hosted Crowder on Thursday night, with the Lady Bulldogs taking the win over the Demonettes 37-30.

Both teams battled right out of the gate, with Crowder taking the initial lead 8-6 at the end of the first quarter. The Lady Bulldogs striked back in the second quarter, taking a 12-2 run over the Demonettes going into the half at 20-13.

A number of fouls allowed the Lady Bulldogs to build the pressure over the Demonettes until the end, giving them the win.

"I thought they did a really good job. Need to handle the ball a little bit better offensively, but when we did we were getting more patient, which is a good thing," Savanna coach David Ivy said after the game.

Makenna Hoffman and Sophia Calistro tied as Savanna's leading scorers on the night with 17 points each, followed by Abby Goostree with three points.

Alexas Lizik led Crowder with 10 points, followed by Peyton Smith with nine points, Hadley Smith with four points, Adison Womack with three points, and Maylea Bailey with one point.

Here are the reported scores from Thursday for local girls basketball teams:

Savanna 37, Crowder 30

Schulter 47, Haileyville 21


The Demons never gave up the fight, and it paid off.

Savanna hosted Crowder on Thursday night, where the Demons came back late in the fourth quarter to defeat the Bulldogs 28-22.

"The boys just came out and played their hearts out. They played their absolute guts off for us and they got the job done together," Crowder coach Ben Collier said after the game.

"It wasn't just one guy. It was just them all working as one unit and they got the job done tonight," he said.

The Bulldogs took control of the game early, giving the Demons a 7-2 run after the first quarter. The Demons would respond in the second quarter by slimming their deficit to a one-point game at halftime 11-10.

The game remained tight until the fourth quarter, where fouls from the Bulldogs allowed the Demons to shoot free throws — and a three-point shot drained by Jonathan Lizik surged Crowder forward and allowed it to hold the lead until the buzzer.

TJ Cook led Crowder with eight points, followed by Austin Motley with seven points, Jeffrie Byington with four points, and Lizik, Daniel Ellis, and Traeston Craven each with three points.

Chants LeFlore led Savanna with seven points, followed by Kinyon Burge and Ashton Board each with six points, Jacob Skinner with two points, and Tracyn Eldridge with one point.

Here are the reported scores from Thursday for local boys basketball teams:

Crowder 28, Savanna 22

Quinton 65, Canadian 43

Haileyville 60, Schulter 51