Smooth out lumps and bumps without redoing your hair using this simple bobby pin hack: ‘YOU’RE JOKING’

Anyone who’s ever put their hair up in a high ponytail or slicked-back bun knows the struggle with erratic lumps and bumps.

You take your hair down, smooth out the lumps and put it back up again — only to notice a new crop of bumps the second you release the hair tie. It’s an endless cycle that results in sore arms and utter frustration.

However, a TikToker named Jana (@jana.dvll) might just have the solution, and all that’s required is a simple bobby pin.

Since posting the hair hack to her account on Oct. 20, the video has wracked up over 28.9 million views, 3.1 million likes, 703,000 saves and 10,000 comments, suggesting that the bobby pin trick might just be a hair game changer.

“All these mental breakdowns for nothing,” Jana’s video caption reads, referring to the stress and extreme frustration a lumpy ponytail can cause.

By carefully swiping an everyday bobby pin through her hair, Jana is able to quickly and easily remove the lumps from her updo — and all without taking her hair down and redoing it.

“New obsession unlocked,” Jana expressed in the onscreen caption, looking slack-jawed into the camera.

Thousands of TikTokers ran to Jana’s comment section to applaud the hack.

“YOU’RE JOKING … where were you when I was in middle school,” commented @12abigail17.

“So you’re telling me I didn’t need to redo it 1000 times and hit myself with the brush and cry,” wrote @kaelyrebecca1.

“girl, if this works for my hair, u saved me from so many breakdowns and i will pray for you every night,” commented @disikoka.

Another TikToker, @aliyahwears, also took to the app to share a bobby pin hack that’s since gained viral attention — but one that actually has nothing to do with hair.

Rather, Aliyah’s hack helps those who struggle to clasp their bracelets by themselves.

Using just a bobby pin, Aliyah demonstrates how to fasten a bracelet without any assistance — which could be especially helpful for those who live alone or struggle with mobility issues.

“It’s been struggle city until today,” the video’s caption reads.

Over 2.8 million TikTokers have since viewed the hack, and over 298,000 have liked it.

“I always struggle with this changer,” commented @seqele.

“You just saved me [time] and frustration! Thank you,” wrote @taylortimetv.

“Wait this is soooo smarttttt,” commented @johvnnaa.

Now the only struggle might be finding and keeping handy one’s bobby pins — but that’s a trending hack for a different day.

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