What is Snapchat+, how much does it cost, how to download and what does it include?

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Snapchat is introducing a new in-app tool called Family Centre (PA) (PA Wire)
Snapchat is introducing a new in-app tool called Family Centre (PA) (PA Wire)

From Twitter Blue to Tumblr Blaze and Telegram, it appears that every social media app going is launching its own paid-for service.

Now, Snapchat has joined the ranks, with its brand-new platform Snapchat+, or Snapchat Plus.

“This subscription will allow us to deliver new Snapchat features to some of the most passionate members of our community and allow us to provide prioritised support,” the company revealed.

Here’s everything you need to know about Snapchat Plus, including its price, features, and how to sign up.

What is Snapchat+?

Snapchat+ is a paid-for subscription offering that’s offered within the Snapchat mobile app.

It unlocks features before others have the chance to use them, and on its support page, it describes the features as “exclusive, experimental, and pre-release”, adding that they will “enhance and customize your Snapchat experience, enabling you to dive deeper into the parts of the app you use the most”.

Snapchat has reportedly found early success with its paid-for subscription service, with the company announcing in August that it had amassed one million paid users after launching in June 2022.

Jacob Andreou, Snapchat’s SVP of product, told The Verge that Plus is meant for users who “spend most of their time communicating with their closest friends on Snap.”

What are the new features of Snapchat+?

The three main features that Snapchat is advertising to attract Plus users are:

  • The ability to change Snapchat’s app icon

  • A way to see who’s rewatched your Stories

  • A special pin that lets you mark specific friends as BFFs

As of August 2022, Snapchat+ subscribers will also have access to the following features:

How do I get Snapchat+?

Before you start to download Snapchat+, make sure you’ve updated the app to the latest version. Here are the steps you can follow to get Snapchat+ on your mobile device.

  1. Open Snapchat, and tap on your profile icon in the top left corner to open your profile page.

  2. If Snapchat Plus is available to you, there will be a gold-tinted banner advertising it below your name - tap the banner.

  3. Next, choose your subscription type - whether that’s one month, six months, or a year - and then tap Start 7-Day Free Trial.

  4. Depending on your device, sign up using your Apple ID account, Google account, or a linked debit or credit card.

  5. Once payment has been processed, a menu will appear that explains some of the features that Snapchat Plus gives you, allowing you to turn each of them on or off.

How much does Snapchat+ cost?

In the US, you can get Snapchat+ for $3.99/£3.99 per month, $21.99 USD for 6 months, or for $39.99 USD per year.

Will Snapchat add any new features to Snapchat+?

Snap has said that it will regularly update Snapchat+ with more features.

On August 15 2022, it introduced an update that included priority story replies, making subscribers’ responses more visible when replying to Snap Stars, such as public figures and verified creators.

Other new features include special backgrounds for users’ Bitmoji characters, as well as new app icon designs. There is also the option to add an emoji that displays to friends after they’ve viewed a Snap.

What countries is Snapchat+ available in?

  • The United States

  • Canada

  • The United Kingdom

  • France

  • Germany

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Saudi Arabia

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)