"If Their Ex Isn’t What I Consider To Be Good-Looking": People Are Sharing Their Unbelievably Petty Dating Red Flags, And Some Of These Are Bananas

Between green flags, red flags, beige flags, and just about anything else we can think up, people have endless reasons for why they may or may not date someone.

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So, when Reddit user u/BlackAsphaltRider posed the question, "What is the pettiest reason you won’t date somebody?" in r/AskWomen, I never expected to find such unhinged, yet totally understandable opinions:

1."Their ideal home temperature is lower than 70 degrees. I’m very cold-natured and have lived with someone who is hot-natured. I can’t do it again. I refuse to live under a blanket in my own house or argue because they lowered the thermostat and thought I wouldn’t notice. It just makes us incompatible because it’s too big a deal to me."

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2."Anyone with a solo mustache (no beard) is an immediate no. You look like such a goober, sorry."


3."I get really disappointed when men have a purebred dog they bought from a breeder. It tells me they have no compassion for animals, want to boast wealth/status, and they waste money on stupid shit. This perception is particularly heightened for having brachiocephalic breeds like bulldogs. I am very aware I might be taking it too far on the meaning of it, but my brain works in mysterious ways."

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4."I got the ick from a man I was dating because I watched him run to catch a coin that had fallen and started rolling away. I’m sorry, but that did it for me for some reason, LOL."


5."I don’t think I could date someone with a peanut allergy; I love peanut butter and don’t think I would want to live a peanut-free life for anyone."

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6."When I was single many years ago, I learned not to date anyone who was new to my city. I wasn’t interested in becoming someone’s personal tour guide, who would then use all the fun things I showed them to eventually woo another person."


7."If their ex isn’t what I consider to be good-looking."

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8."As an adult, I seriously dated three guys named Dave. Someone named Dave would have to be an 11/10 for me to go this route again."


9."If they're not a cat person. I don't necessarily dislike dogs, but the people who have them are most often very dominant and selfish in my experience."

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10."Bad music taste. I dated a guy who liked just awful, unforgivable synth pop. Then, when he would give me compliments, I would think, 'But your taste is terrible...' Yeah, we broke up, and he didn’t understand."


11."Socks with sandals are my pettiest but most strictly enforced deal-breaker. I simply can’t be seen with you."

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12."If a man can’t drive, I don’t want him. I want to feel like he could drive us out of a burning building with a cocky smile."


13."I won't date a woman who likes reality TV. Watching it on occasion because you're doing your hair or cleaning, etc., is fine. But if she knows everyone's backstories and timelines, it's an instant ick for me."

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14."Being the youngest sibling. I don't know; it gives me the ick for some reason. I'm the youngest sibling in my family, and we can't both be spoiled babies."


15."If a man is best friends with a woman. Sorry, not sorry."

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And finally, here's an amazing one for all of my born and raised Cleveland kids out there:

16."As a native of Cleveland, Ohio, I don't think I could ever date a Pittsburgh Steelers fan."

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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

Have any other petty reasons why you wouldn't date someone? Let me know in the comments!