Sofía Vergara Jokingly Calls Kelly Clarkson Out for Downplaying Her 'Griselda' Transformation

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Sofía Vergara Jokingly Called Kelly Clarkson OutYouTube

Sofía Vergara showed up on The Kelly Clarkson Show to chat about her new Netflix series Griselda, and (jokingly! no drama to be found here!) called Kelly out for downplaying her physical transformation—which involved prosthetics and fake teeth.

"You look...I feel like they only changed your nose or something. I don't know what they did, like they changed..." Kelly told Sofía, who immediately/hilariously pushed back with, "What?! Are you crazy?!"

Kelly went on to add, "I'm saying whatever they did, though, it looks slight. It doesn't look like, you know what I'm saying? When you look at you, it doesn't look..."

Sofía then cut her off with, "No, Kelly, it was hours!" and joked, "It was a wig! Shut up. It was a wig! It was a lot! They did a lot to me! It was teeth, it was wig, it was nose. It was plastic from here to here."

Kelly attempted to clarify as everyone laughed, saying, "They did such a good job that it looked seamless, you just look like a different...You literally look like you could actually just be this person in other movies. You could have two careers. You look like a different actress, like, playing the role. You could have a whole different life as this actress."

Obviously, things ended on a good note, with Sofía saying, "That is exactly what I wanted, that reaction. I love that you thought it was just a little thing, because that means it looks natural."

Go ahead and see the not-so-slight transformation yourself by streaming Griselda on Netflix RTFN!

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