Someone Threw an Object at Florence Pugh's Face During a 'Dune' Cast Panel

dune cast
Someone Threw an Object at Florence Pugh's Face Getty Images

Florence Pugh was struck in the face by an object thrown on stage during the Dune: Part Two panel at CCXP 2023 in Brazil—the latest in a truly tired and completely not okay trend of fans throwing things at celebs.

Florence was at the panel alongside her Dune co-stars, and was posing for photos when the object was thrown. You can see everyone's alarm in the video below, as well as Florence seemingly saying "ow."

Celebrities from Bebe Rexha, to Lil Naz X, to Harry Styles have had objects thrown at them on stage this year—and just last month, someone threw an item at Taylor Swift while she was performing the Eras Tour. She ended up addressing the moment, saying "Just because communication means having gentle healthy boundaries, it really freaks me out when stuff gets thrown on the stage. Because if it's on the stage then a dancer can trip on it and I love that you brought presents and that is so nice, but just can you please not throw them on the stage. I love you so much!"

Meanwhile back in July, Adele warned fans not to throw things at her, saying “Have you noticed how people are like forgetting fucking show etiquette in America, they’re just throwing shit on stage Have you seen that? I fucking dare you. Dare you to throw something at me.”

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