Sonic Hickory BBQ And Cheesy Baja Crispy Tender Wraps Review: One Is Good, But The Other Is Delicious

Sonic bag with two wraps
Sonic bag with two wraps - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

Sonic is a standout amongst other fast food chains. With its drive-in-style experience that you won't find anywhere else among popular restaurants, enjoying a meal here will have you reminiscing about a nostalgic time of carhops on roller skates, french fries, convertible tops, and date nights under the stars. While you may not find all of that at a Sonic Drive-In today -- sadly, you won't actually be transported back in time to the 1950s -- you will find a whole lot of flavor and fun food options to choose from.

This well-known eatery offers a vast array of classic burgers, shakes, traditional fries, and an insane number of drink combinations, but the brand is also known for its delicious innovations, like the new peanut butter bacon burger. The newest members of the menu lineup: the Hickory BBQ Crispy Tender Wrap and the Cheesy Baja Crispy Tender Wrap. I had the pleasure of trying these new menu items to bring you a comprehensive report. This was also my first time trying Sonic, and I have to say, I was impressed. I'll give you a rundown of flavors, textures, cost, and more, so you can try these bad boys out for yourself. However, these wraps are only available for a limited time, so get ready and get trying!

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What Does The Hickory BBQ Crispy Tender Wrap Taste Like?

Hickory BBQ Crispy Tender Wrap
Hickory BBQ Crispy Tender Wrap - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

First up was the Hickory BBQ Crispy Tender Wrap made with all-white meat chicken nestled in a warm, soft tortilla with melty shredded cheddar cheese, hickory BBQ sauce, and shredded lettuce. I have to say, the first bite was delicious, but let's dig a little deeper.

The hickory BBQ sauce was sweet and tasty offering a sugary flavor with that vinegar tang on the end. However, the BBQ really took over the flavor profile, drowning out the cheese and negating balance for most of the eating experience. At the bottom of the wrap, there was more cheese and lettuce, so the flavor profile did balance out. The textures were great, as the chicken was breaded and crispy on the outside with juicy white meat on the inside. I did taste a lot of the wrap on the backend, but overall, this was a yummy little snack I would happily eat again.

Normally, if I eat fast food, I know what I'm getting into, and I don't worry about the nutritional information. But there was a clear standout in the lineup. In just one wrap, there are 440 calories, and the sodium count is 1,450 milligrams. Yes, you read that right. I'm not saying it's a deterrent, but it is something to think about, especially for such a small snack item.

What Does The Cheesy Baja Crispy Tender Wrap Taste Like?

Cheesy Baja Crispy Tender Wrap
Cheesy Baja Crispy Tender Wrap - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

Next up was the Cheesy Baja Crispy Tender Wrap, and man, did I love this little snack-size treat. This one featured all-white meat chicken, double the cheese with a zesty cheese sauce and melty shredded cheddar combo, and finished off with shredded lettuce in a warm tortilla.

The first thing I noticed was the two types of cheeses, and they were both delicious. Between the shredded and the sauce, cheese was melted into every nook and cranny. I loved the "Baja" flavoring, as it reminded me of something you'd find on the Taco Bell menu -- a mix of that old-school nacho dip combined with a Mexican flare. It had a spicy vibe like a queso, but it was very mild and mellowed out. The chicken in this wrap was crispy with that flavorful breading. I liked this option better because you could really taste it without the BBQ sauce covering it up. The inside was soft and juicy, and the chicken tasted fresh.

Overall, this option was super balanced and was gone before I knew it. However, just like its counterpart, it's not the healthiest fast-food option with 500 calories and 1,340 milligrams of sodium. But hey, when you need a quick bite and you want it to taste good, this one is worth it.

How To Order The New Crispy Tender Wraps And How Much They Cost

Sonic crispy tender wraps
Sonic crispy tender wraps - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

Trying these new limited-time wraps from Sonic is easy. Head to your local Sonic Drive-In and order each one as-is, or make it custom by adding other items, along with removing anything you don't like from the wrap. You can add different sauces like mayo or ketchup and even add bacon or tomato. However, I'd suggest trying them as-is first to get the true Crispy Tender Wrap experience.

Since most Sonic Drive-Ins are independent franchises, it's important to check each Sonic location for participating menu items, operational hours, and pricing. While the wraps are advertised online at $1.99 each, at my Sonic location, the wraps were $2.43 each. The wraps are a regular menu item, not a breakfast item, so most locations should serve them throughout the day.

The Final Verdict

Sonic crispy tender wraps
Sonic crispy tender wraps - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

While I am not a fast food eater, I have to say, these wraps were delicious. I enjoyed both flavor options, but the Cheesy Baja Crispy Tender Wrap was the clear winner in my eyes with balanced flavors, ingredients that tasted fresh, and an overall satisfaction factor that I wasn't expecting.

The Hickory BBQ Crispy Tender Wrap was still tasty, and if you like BBQ sauce, this wrap is definitely for you. Overall, for $2, these are a steal, but be aware, they are small. I would definitely order two if you're looking to sate your hunger pangs. Enjoy!

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