Sophia Stallone Says Her Father Sylvester Becomes 'Full-On Rambo' When She Brings a Date Home

The Family Stallone stars complained that their dad is "very overprotective," with Sistine saying the Rocky star's intimidation tactics can be "so cinematic in the most unnecessary [ways]"

Dating can be a battle of wills when your father is Sylvester Stallone.

On the first episode of the new Paramount+ docuseries The Family Stallone, the three-time Academy Award nominee's daughters Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet discussed the challenges of bringing a boy home to meet Sylvester and their mom Jennifer Flavin Stallone.

Sophia, 26, shared that Sylvester "becomes full-on Rambo with guns" when he's introduced to their dates.

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Her 24-year-old younger sister Sistine agreed, "Dating when we have the dad that we do is rough."

"The first time a boy came over to meet my parents he's going in for the first kiss and I was so nervous but I was excited, and he looks up at the balcony and he goes, 'Oh my God. What is that?'" she recalled. "And it was my dad standing on the second floor balcony backlight so just see a silhouette."

"He's so cinematic in the most unnecessary [ways]," she added. "And let me tell you this kid jumped in the car, went down the driveway — never saw him again."

Sunset Boulevard/Corbis
Sunset Boulevard/Corbis

Sistine admitted that having Sylvester, 76, as their father has made finding the right person difficult.

"It has been a bit of struggle for my sisters and I to even find a relationship. Not only do we have 'Stallone' attached to our last name — my dad is also very overprotective and quite intimidating," she said.

"But, now that we're older and currently in relationships, you'd think that he would really want to make the effort to get to know the boyfriend," she explained. "And that hasn't exactly happened yet. This is someone very special in my life, I've never had a relationship as good as this one before so it does hurt my feelings that there has been very minimal effort on his part."

Despite their concerns, Sylvester told his daughters, "Someday you'll see I'm helping you girls. I'm getting rid of these creeps."

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