Sophie Turner Spotted With Taylor Swift In NYC Again

Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner
Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner

After making a bold statement stepping out together in New York City earlier this week, Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift were spotted out and about again on Thursday night.

The pair went out to dinner at the Barrière Fouquet Hotel with the Haim sisters and Swift’s longtime friend Ashley Avignone. They were spotted upon leaving, giving fans another opportunity to obsess over the pictures and potential drama of the situation.

Turner is in the middle of divorcing Joe Jonas, who is also Swift’s ex from over a decade ago. She was reportedly in town at least in part to see their children and speak with Jonas about custody issues, although the day after first linking up with Swift, the Game of Thrones star filed a lawsuit demanding their two kids be returned to England.

That Swift and Turner were hanging out again already has fans coming up with wild theories about what they were talking about, and whether the middle JoBro should potentially be on edge about what’s to come.

Even if all that was happening was a pleasant girls’ night out with no scheming or plotting, people are glad to see Turner out having fun with friends.

But let’s be real—you don’t meet up with Taylor Swift and HAIM for dinner and a glass of wine, even on a Thursday night, without something going down.