Sordo rules out Citroen fight

David Evans

Ford driver Dani Sordo has admitted he is still struggling for confidence aboard the Fiesta RS WRC and has ceased his pursuit of the Citroens ahead.

Like his rivals, Sordo was forced to run a compromised set-up with tyres this morning, taking hard and soft compounds in a crossed formation: hard on the left-front and right-rear and soft on the right-front and left-rear of the Fiesta.

"I can't find the confidence and the balance in the car," said the Spaniard. "But this is not the car - the car feels nice to drive.

"Of course, I want to make some small changes and to push harder, but I have to make it to the finish. After Petter had his problem yesterday, there was more pressure for me to make it to the finish. "

Sordo added that a more significant part of his problem was his pace notes for the event.

"I don't have the confidence in the notes," he said. "Some of them I made for the first time this year and some of them are from before, but this is the biggest reason why I don't have the confidence - it's more the notes than the car.

"The priority is for the finish, we were close with Citroen yesterday, but now it's not possible to fight with them."

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