Spain star Jenni Hermoso to pursue action against FA chief Luis Rubiales over forced kiss

Outrage: The Spain FA chief forced then player into a kiss  (BBC Sport)
Outrage: The Spain FA chief forced then player into a kiss (BBC Sport)

Spain star Jenni Hermoso has confirmed she will take action against Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales after he kissed her without consent during the Women’s World Cup final celebrations.

Rubialas prompted widespread outrage after Spain's win over England by lifting Hermoso off her feet with a hug, placing his hands behind her head and pulling her in for a kiss on the lips after she received her winner’s medal.

The 33-year-old said afterward that she “did not enjoy” the incident and both Spain's prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, and minister for culture and sport, Miquel Iceta, have described the incident as inappropriate.

Rubilas has since apologised in a video message which Sanchez deemed "not adequate", and the Spanish women’s league, Liga F, have filed a complaint with the National Sports Council (CSD) calling for his removal.

Hermoso on Wednesday released a statement via FUTPRO, a union for female footballers in Spain.

"My FUTPRO union, in coordination with my TMJ agency, are taking charge of defending my interests and being the interlocutors on this matter."

FUTPRO then issued a longer statement: "From our association we ask the Royal Spanish Football Federation to implement the necessary protocols, ensure the rights of our players are upheld and adopt exemplary measures.

"It is essential that our team is represented by figures who project their values of equality and respect in all areas.

"It is necessary to continue advancing in the fight for equality, a fight that our players have led with determination, leading us to the position that we find ourselves in today.

"We also call on the National Sports Council [CSD] so that, within its powers, it actively supports and promotes prevention and intervention in the face of sexual harassment or abuse, machismo and sexism.

"We reject any attitude or conduct that violates the rights of soccer players.

"From the union we are working so that acts like the ones we have seen never go unpunished, they are sanctioned and the pertinent measures are adopted to protect the football players from actions that we believe are unacceptable."