Specialist college compete in table cricket national finals

Abingdon and Witney College team
Abingdon and Witney College team

An Oxfordshire college will take part in a national table cricket finals day.

Abingdon and Witney College, a college that provides vocational opportunities for young disabled people, will take part in today’s Lord’s Taverners National Table Cricket finals day.

Table cricket is an adapted version of cricket that is played on a table tennis table.

Following months of county competitions, nearly 70 schools and over 500 young people with a disability compete across the country with now just 10 remaining for the finals day in London.

Pathways tutor Emily Browne said: “They’ve been practising every single week in their own time as well, just really putting the work in.

“In previous competitions you could see them getting more and more excited and now they’re all just ready and raring to go.

“They’ve worked so hard, so they really deserve it. You can see how proud they are even to get to this point, they’re so pleased with themselves.

“Everyone’s really excited to be going somewhere where so much happens and they feel a part of it, they feel like they’re going to be experiencing what all these other sportspeople have.”

This past year it is estimated that 6,500 young people in the country played the game.

Browne said: “Table cricket is new to all of them but actually by achieving this they can see they can achieve in any walk of life, whatever they want to do.”