Speedway - Travel tough on Australia's Ward

Young Australian speedway star Darcy Ward admits that the travelling involved in the sport is taking some getting used to.

Speedway - Travel tough on Australia's Ward

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Darcy Ward

The 20-year-old picked up 12 points when he reached the semi-finals of the New Zealand SGP in Auckland but mixing that with league commitments in Europe is not easy.

"I came to Europe to practise," he said. "Then I went back home for a couple of days and then to New Zealand. It has taken it out of me. I didn't think it would, but it definitely has."

Ward competed for Poole in the Elite Shield challenge last Thursday in Swindon and gathered just two points but bounced back with a strong performance the following day back in Poole.

"Swindon is a very fast track I don't think I was ready. I was just a bit lost with all the travelling I’ve done. A lot of things have been going on.

"I wasn't at the races, I knew that and it rocked me. I had bike problems at the start and it was just a big pain that night.

"Good Friday was a bit better. I still don't think I'm where I want to be, but it's early in the season and we’re all a bit sketchy on a bike.

"It's hard to deal with, but we've got days off now. Hopefully I can regroup, come back fresh and get back on the bike."

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