Speedway - Woffinden to have collarbone op

Tai Woffinden will undergo surgery on Monday to plate the broken collarbone he suffered in the British SGP on Saturday.

Speedway - Woffinden becomes Britain's first world champion in 13 years

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Tai Woffinden (Speedway GP)

Woffinden suffered a shattered collarbone after a heavy crash during the heats at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

The British speedway champion, 22, was set to qualify for the semi-finals after impressing in the heats but - during the 14th run - flew into the back of Nicki Pedersen after a risky move from Woffinden's Wolverhampton team-mate Freddie Lindgren.

“I'm hoping to go private on Monday to have an operation to get the bone put back in place, and I'll do everything I can go make the next Grand Prix at Gorzow in a fortnight," Woffinden said.

“Even though I crashed, it wasn't a disastrous GP as I still got seven points. I'm trying to think positive – I'm still second place in the standings.”

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