Speedway - Woffinden unsure on Gorzow participation

Tai Woffinden is still undecided over whether to take part in Saturday's Gorzow GP.

Speedway - Injured Woffinden forced to wait

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Woffinden, Colbourne

The young Brit is recovering from surgery on the shattered collarbone he sustained in the British GP in Cardiff on June 1,

The 22-year-old has had the bone plated and he has been warned he could dislodge the metalwork if he crashes at the Edward Jancarz Stadium.

But with the Scunthorpe-born star only eight points off World Championship leader Emil Sayfutdinov, he is keen to take part.

"The doctor said it will take six to eight weeks for it to be fully healed. I don’t know. I’m probably thinking three. I’m undecided about Gorzow. I’ll wait and see how I feel."

“The surgeon said the plate is holding the bone together, but if I pulled it, there is a high chance the screws will pull out which would be a drama. That would mean me having another operation.

“I’m in an awesome position and I don’t want to let it slip. I’m surprised I’m still in second, to be fair. I was pretty gutted when I crashed, so I was a bit shocked to come out of hospital still in second.

"But we’ll just have to wait and see whether I can ride at the weekend.

“Time is of the essence at the moment. I really need to let it heal, but I’m second in the world and I don’t want to let that slip. It’s a tough one. I’ve got a broken bone and I’m in pain – that’s a factor in it as well.

“Over the last week, I’ve been focusing on eating all healthy food – no bread or pasta, or any of that rubbish. I’m giving my body everything it needs to recover, but I can only do so much. Then it’s down to my body to do the rest.

“I’ve had some laser treatment and magnetic field therapy. I had a bit physio on my neck on Monday, Tuesday and today. I have been in an oxygen chamber every day this week. I hope it all pays off.”

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